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The New Heart Of Healthcare Leadership

Employee engagement, mental health, along with personal development and wellbeing, will be the new heart of healthcare leadership. Nursing burnout and working treacherous hours will no longer be the norm for the healthcare practitioners of the future. Instead, we should be seeing a shift in cultural norms that aims to reduce employee stress levels to improve performance and job satisfaction. Job satisfaction and being a nurse will one day become the new heart of healthcare retention.

Programs like The ProMind Experience provide solutions that maximize the company’s competitive edge by creating healthier and more mindful employees, reducing illness and preventing burnout.  To have an effective nursing retention strategy, you need to take into account your staff’s personal wellbeing. When your staff is feeling like they have adequate work/life balance, and they know they hold value to the organization, they are more apt to show up at work (and do a good job).

Nursing Retention

The nursing retention formula is complex for the average HR executive. According to the 2019 National Healthcare Retention & RN Staffing Report, it costs between $40,300 and $64,000 to replace one clinical nurse, with the average hospital losing $4.4 million to $6.9 million each year. The new heart of healthcare leadership recognizes, appreciates, and incentivizes the employee experience. While a good healthcare leader needs to have strong clinical skills, as well as business/operational skills, they also need to have a certain charisma. This charisma is the kind that makes people want to stick with them. The new leadership will be led by those that are not only likeable, but also have a keen sense of awareness, and emotional intelligence. See post on 3 Keys to an effective retention strategy for healthcare HR here. 

We should not forget that key workers typically feel a strong sense of duty to continue working, even when exhausted. Therefore, it is crucial to encourage staff to take a day off from the demands of their job to sustain their wellbeing over time (and not feel about it). Although managers play a key role in monitoring and supporting their staff’s mental health, they need the opportunity, time, and resources to effectively perform their key duties. Managers need their own space to prioritize their personal wellbeing and leadership goals. To effectively navigate nursing retention, it’s wise to provide their teams with health and wellbeing programs that enhance their personal benefits, and go beyond the employee’s extended health benefits.

Helping Nurses Set And Achieve Goals

The new way to lead healthcare teams will be a heavy emphasis on your staff’s mental health and personal development. By helping health practitioners build healthier habits, the new heart of healthcare leadership will shift its focus on sustainable behaviour change. That leads to a healthy group of frontline practitioners – they’re more engaged with their patients, their team, and the organization as a whole. As I said, employee retention is a complex formula. The new heart of healthcare leadership will be an extensive emphasis on this formula.

But leaders need to make a choice to envision a healthier workforce. This workforce is one that incorporates external wellness programs as a routine training requirement. Furthermore, the requirements for a healthy workforce will include adequate budgets in order to retain their staff, instead of taking losses from high staff turnover. The new heart of healthcare leadership is about investing in nurse’s and allied health professionals’ work-life balance to transform staff turnover and improve productivity and patient outcomes.

Nurses are leaving their jobs quickly and effortlessly. They’re in demand wherever they choose to go. Health practitioners want to be appreciated and supported in their roles inside and outside of work. The new healthcare leadership recognizes them as multi-dimensional people, who have families and lives outside of work.  From policy makers, to senior level management, down to the managers and front line staff, the new healthcare leader needs to acknowledge that the skills of the future aren’t just their clinical skills pathways to personal and professional development; along with the support to achieve their personal health goals.

Improving Healthcare Leadership With The ProMind Experience

Work-life balance and nursing wellbeing go together. By arming your employees with the right mindset strategies and personal development solutions, you can facilitate the development of personal wellbeing and sustainable healthy habits. In the ProMind Experience, we not only help health practitioners create a new path, but we support the organization at achieving its goals.

Although goal-setting itself is certainly important, taking baby steps in one area such as improving sleep quality, or taking supplements, is only the beginning of many steps. But this is a crucial first step and it requires additional supports – those that Satori Health & Wellness Coaching provides . Setting goals, and achieving those goals, are essential for building a success-oriented attitude. When the organization is involved as a whole, the benefits are amplified. Satori has gamified its platform, as well as offering prizes and incentives for participating and taking action. This reward system recognizes progress in taking action.

Satori’s The ProMind Experience enables hospitals of the future to integrate an all-in-one retention and wellbeing system. If you think this program is right for your hospital, book a call with me here.

  • The bonus training, Banish Burnout Bootcamp, offers tips and strategies to help with stress management
  • Our Team Approach helps staff to navigate their own personalized health journey through fitness and nutrition
  • Opportunities to build social connections with coworkers through the mindful clinician community
  • Seamlessly gamified platform offers a fun experience that hits the dopamine button
  • A fun and engaging closed community-based group to boost collaboration and enhance wellbeing
  • And so much more….Sound like a good fit? Request a demo to see for yourself how The ProMind Experience(TM) can help improve work-life balance at your hospital and organization.

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