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What Would It Take (To Make Life Go The Way I Want)

Thanks to Christie Marie Sheldon, and her programs Love or Above, and Unlimited Abundance   I’ve had great success with helping shift my own internal blocks when faced with challenges. Thus, the mantra/question of the day is always “what would it take?” in order to create a Mindset Shift.

Whenever you’re struggling to find answers, just ask yourself that one question, “what would it take?” And then ask it again, based on the response. And again, and again, until you feel satisfied with receiving the answers to your next step.

My Story To Set The Example…

I’ll start: What would it take to get me to the gym? That’s easy, I’ll drive there.

What would it take to actually make me want to workout when I do get to the gym (chatty patty over here…)? No answer I really like on that one. I try again.

What would it take to get me motivated in order to have a good sweat? Did you see how I shifted into motivation mode, and prompted myself to having a sweat?

Herein lies my biggest challenge to me actually working out: the sauna. I go to the gym, I chat in the change room, I sit in the quiet sauna, and sweat.

What’s not to like about that sweat, right?

Sometimes I chat in the sauna too, which technically means I’m sweating.  You see, I have to constantly ask myself the right questions to get me “working out”, and take full ownership over my health habits.

Back To You, Lovelies…

When facing a difficult task, and you want some answers to getting the task done, try to ask yourself this one simple question: what would it take?

Easy? Hell NO! Fun? Hell Yeah! (FYI for all you parents to young ones – play care is available in many gyms, in order to attend to keep fit). By asking the questions, you can sometimes get really fun answers. Play with it a bit.

I’m also convinced, this line of questioning forces you to pay attention to the subconscious mind, so when you are feeling powerless to a pattern of behaviour you don’t want. You have control over your mind. Learn to harness it.

As an SI coach, my job is to help you see what’s standing in the way, until eventually it feels like second-nature, in order to be engaged in your own destiny. Read all about SI coaching here .

What would it take for you to step it up a notch?

Sure, you might already be extremely happy in your life. Great! I love that! Now, what would make you even happier? What excites you at bedtime, in anticipation of a fantastic morning?

Finally, what steps do you take in order to make that morning exciting for yourself, and your family? Most noteworthy, have you ever setup your coffee machine for morning, so that once you open your eyes, it’s ready to drink…..rather than fiddling around with your eyes closed?  Try it! That’s one of my #1 secrets to living a really amazing life. 

Cheers all you lovelies!

Love & Light,

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