Why Blood Donation Is So Important…

If you’ve not read any part of my story, I’ll give you the details briefly.

Lynn’s Story:

In episode 23, I revealed that I had been in a car crash and during the early moments of being in critical care, an amazing law firm was hired for me.

Back in 2004, I sustained some pretty bad injuries from a Highway Car Crash. I was on a leave from Chiropractic College and was working in Labor & Delivery Nursing as well as Sexual Assault Nursing. My life was going pretty fast, and it’s no irony that I got into a highway crash…because on the highway, you are going fast.

So when I woke-up from that coma – about 2 weeks later, after a number of surgeries, blood transfusions and a resuscitation at the hands of some gifted health professionals, I realized I needed to slow down.

In particular, I was given 12 units of donated blood – blood I said I would always return someday.

My Journey To Giving Back

Today, on my way out of Walmart, after shopping for Party Favours for my daughter’s 5th birthday, Canadian Blood Services was there asking if I wanted to donate. YES!!!!!!

I was so choked up. I set up an appointment for Thursday, July 25th, at 12pm right then and there. I’m finally beginning the journey to donating what was given to me, many years ago. This feels so good.

I always wished I could know the people who gave me that blood, and thank them.

I feel donating blood taps into the power of contribution on a more meaningful level, than donating money. When I’ve donated money, I never knew exactly where the money was going. I knew it would help an organization, a forest, an animal or a child in need.

By donating blood, I’m giving something that can save a life, and it’s not costing me anything but my time.

This is a pretty good feeling for me; one that’s full circle.

For readers of this post, tell me, have you ever donated blood before?

What does it feel like?

How often do you donate blood?

If you’re not eligible, have you ever considered having someone go in your place?

And I can say this: donating blood takes a lot of time out of your schedule. It does. I know it’s not easy.

If you’re a health professional who works in hospital, you’ll know the value that one unit of blood has for the client you’re helping.

But as I said, it’s not easy become a Blood Donor. You have to think about your appointment, and schedule it when you hardly know your schedule to begin with, and then you have to commit to it on that day.

Over time, however, your life adapts to this new routine and new identity of becoming a blood donor.

The idea of asking for time off to get to the blood clinic for 3:20pm on a Thursday afternoon becomes second-nature.

Your managers will come to know you as ‘The Hero’ who is donating its blood to save a life, and all prior anxieties will seem so petty.

I highly encourage you to just book 1 appointment and go from there.

What can I expect at my appointment?

You’ll be asked a number of screening questions by a computer. It’ll take you about 10 minutes to do the screening.

Then you’ll take a number and wait for a nurse to call you in.

The nurse will review your screening, take your blood pressure and do a quick blood test with a tiny needle prick to test your hemoglobin. This doesn’t test your iron or ferritin, just the hemoglobin.

Once you’re cleared and determined to be in good health, you just wait for your next spot to be hooked-up to the machine where they take a small amount of blood.

Then you eat cookies, and drink juice to get your blood sugars up. The best ones: Oreos!

How can I join your team?

You can join my team by visiting my website: www.satorihwcoaching.ca/givingback. There’s a link on that page to join my team

Happy trails…

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