Fight or flight, Part II.

In my last blog post, I revealed that I fear pain. I asked two questions? What are you most afraid of, and what are you even more afraid of?

All fear holds meaning. What is the meaning of your fear? Without identifying the meaning of it, and the perceptions you hold related to that fear, you are selling yourself short in life.

In my case, I’m fearful of pain because I suffered multiple orthopaedic injuries, and as a result I endured intense and outright excruciating amounts of pain. I’ve never been in so much pain in my life!!!! I was in a hospital bed for months, recovering from the initial shock of being in a motor vehicle collision.

The intensity was so severe that it prohibited most of my activities for some time. Some of these activities I’m only now beginning to think of doing again – over a decade after injury. But with time, I was able to explore that fear, and the meaning of it.

At that time, taking medication was the best way to get through that physical pain. I dreaded it! I had the perception that these medications would make me an “addict”. I eventually got to a place where I was strong enough and didn’t need that medication. After that, I never wanted to look back.

But the feelings and meaning of ever having to suffer pain again were, and still do, prevent me from taking part in certain activities.

I did, and still do to some extent, everything possible to avoid pain, and the need for medication.

What’s your pain story? What’s the meaning of it, either physically or psychologically. What are you holding yourself back from?

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