Finding Joy In The Simpler Things



Well, this is a good question and the answer will vary depending upon who you speak with. For me, it’s a matter of creating a space (of simplicity) that allows for contentment with whatever your situation or life. I wrote about creating your own meditation space in my blog, and it follows a similar train of thought.

Back when I was working 3 jobs, I used to find joy in being busy. And my busy-ness wasn’t always simple either. Today, I find my level of joy comes in the simplicity of my life, and the way I align myself with my people and my environment. And this alignment leads me to connecting with myself in more fulfilling ways because I don’t strive to add more to my agenda. Rather, I align myself with things to do in ‘do time’.

Being able to enjoy the simple things involves a level of contentment that I could only achieve when I was at peace with my own personal circumstances and shortcomings.

If I can help anyone understand the ways to find joy in the simple things, it would be to encourage you to look at the beauty in life. And to look at the message that this beauty can provide. If you can slow down your mind enough to pay attention to the colours around you, you might notice a more mindful approach to creating space (of simplicity) that would allow you to feel content with your situation. But the thing about me, I DIDN’T WANT TO SLOW DOWN!!


What do I value most in simplicity? I can follow my own natural body rhythms. I feel healthier and can pay close attention to what might not be working in my business, and in my personal life.

What does this value system say about me? It reinforces a solid value system that allows me to pass on to my children.

Creating Simplicity in Stages

It starts with you alone

Then onto you in the workplace, or in your business

Then onto your family

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