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Ready to improve your health & ignite your passion?

Are you denying the fact that you might need to slow things down? Our coaching services will support you to manage stress and navigate a new sense of reality - to bring more joy, vitality and ease into your life.

We get it....

Times are tough as a health professional.

Will our coaching or group programs work for you? I can tell you first hand that a lifestyle coach can support you to shift your perspective and find new solutions, so you can start to live the kind of life you want to live. 

Let yourself off-the-hook and learn the right tools and strategies to change your story. I’ve been there, on the frontline, and I learned that by taking time-out each day to shift your perspective was a true game-changer! It’s possible!

Services For Health Practitioners & Their Leaders

group laser-focused

Stress Management Group

This laser-focused virtual group is tailored to busy healthcare leaders who want bite-sized sessions. Delivered weekly for 20-minutes over 6 weeks.

one-on-one coaching

Lifestyle Coaching

A one-on-one tailored program to dive deeper into achieving better results in your life. Learn the tools that support you at building balance in your life.

virtual group

Learn To Meditate

Attend our 3-session Mantra Meditation virtual group to learn this evidence-based style of meditation to improve productivity and performance.

Satori Radio.....the place to be to lead a healthy & soulful life.

Step right up to the show that gives you the tools and strategies to lead a healthy and soulful life. Access additional self-serve supports and join an online space that reflects personal development for nurses who want more out of life, but still not take yourself too seriously. Be forewarned that Satori Radio is no cookie-cutter approach to leading a healthy & balanced life. Instead, we provide a well-rounded "mindset coaching" approach to enhancing your life - if you truly want it!