How Can I Discover What I Need?


It’s a question you’ve been asked as a child, no doubt “what do you need from mum?” or at school, “Mary, what’s happening – what do you need?” but have you paused for a moment to ask yourself this question as an adult?

What do you need? You’ve probably never thought about it beyond “I need a new dress, pair of shoes, or I need to eat and brush my teeth to go to bed. And there’s always the basic human need for sleep. Oh don’t we all love it, yet we’re all so willing to put other less important things in front of it.

While those are basic human needs, we also have 6 human needs that work alongside the above mentioned:

  1. love

While this may seem a bit too much like a psychology class, the biggest point I want to drive home is that if you really dig deep into what’s missing in your life, chances are it’s coming out of one of these 6 human needs. I’ll give you a really brief example of how they work together right here.

We rely more heavily on two. Furthermore, those top 2 needs can clash with the top 2 needs of our closest friends and relationships. Thus, having insight into how you meet your needs in life can help you in achieve greater happiness,  and help in daily communications with family, friends, and co-workers.

As an SI Coach, I have solutions at my fingertips to help you understand the implications of how our needs may clash with those of our loved-ones.Strategic Intervention is simple. We’re strategic in our multitude of coaching interventions.

The biggest difference between counselling and coaching is this: counselling analyzes your problem, and sits underneath it a little bit. Life coaching looks at the problem, acknowledges it, and even thanks it (for presenting it’s ugly head to us when we least expect it, or want it to), but we move forward and away from it. You learn about what you need to reach your goal.

Life Coaching is about working on your life, and the empowerment of all the amazing things that you are, and have done!

As an SI coach I can help anyone in any area of their life. I’m trained in the tradition of Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark & Magali Peysha. It’s versatile. You get to overcome challenges in all areas of their life. You get a chance to shift and grow, with a focus on what you need to be healthy and well. I say this often, nothing beats a good night’s sleep, right? It’s all about your health, in my opinion.

I have the flashlight and I can help you see where you need to go. Everyone has something they need, and I’m the perfect person to help bring you balance, clarity & focus.

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