How To Achieve Better Health…And The 5 Rewards To Stay Motivated

How To Achiever Better Health & The 5 Rewards to Stay Motivated While Pursuing a Health Goal.

Change is a cycle, that goes from not considering a change, to considering it, and then preparing for it. After one’s prepared themselves accordingly, they move  into taking action and eventually maintaining the changes. As a coach, I’m interested in getting you from one stage to the next, and the best way I know is to have a good reward system in place!

When someone sees more pros than cons to changing a behaviour, they will then be able to take the necessary steps to change. Maintaining the motivation, however, is highly based on the reward system that can only be created from within.

Here Are My 5 Great Rewards To Keep You Motivated

1. Buy a new pair of socks – be it fashion or sports, new socks have the power to make us feel amazing!

2. Take an extra “time-out” for yourself during the week.

3. Have a massage or trip to the local spa. This is even better if you have work benefits to use.

4. Post your progress to your favourite social media site. YES, brag! You never know who you’re inspiring on the other end.

5. Begin planning your dream vacation. Envision yourself there, having achieved your goal.

How Best To Proceed With All This

Ideally, your reward should involve something that you will look forward to every day – something to enhance your own personal level of significance. If it’s an object you can use, that’s fantastic! Which ever way you choose, to keep yourself naturally motivated to stay on course with your health goals, always express gratitude and pride in your accomplishments. Remember where you started. If you went for a workout and your legs hurt, be grateful you have legs to ‘work’. If you only had 10 minutes to sit down and have a cup of tea (being your own BFF), be grateful you fit it in, and the shift has taken a new course, on an energetic level.

I’m always so impressed to see the transformation of my clients’ frame of mind as a direct result of coaching and a reward system.  The heart and soul shows-up! As a coach, we help them find their strong reason to achieve what they desire the most.

When in your life did you want something really badly?

By using rewards to achieve your goals, you know your heart’s in it overall! What was your level of motivation at? Did you have any fears, anxieties or altered forms of perception about your ability to achieve the goal? Usually, people are motivated by one of two things, pleasure or pain. Might any of those two emotions have been prominent for you? Are you experiencing  fear or worry that you won’t reach a goal? Are you being overly cautious about the final outcome – letting yourself off the hook a little bit?

Let me help you out a bit!

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