The only fool proof method for breaking a bad habit is by starting a good one. Yup! For example, if you want to quit smoking, then taking part in sporting activities can help you break an unhealthy habit by participating in a healthy one.

All bad habits start with a problem, and also being unable to solve that problem in good time. A bad habit simply means you are a slave to a problem that you have no control over.

But, with Mindfulness Techniques, you can learn to identify some ways to build control. After all, you do have control over your thoughts, and behaviours. Another key piece of information here is that the physiological effects of the problem in your life lead to more bad habits. What a cycle!

Surrendering to the problem is the first step of kicking a bad habit.

Honestly speaking, bad habits can prevent you from accomplishing your goals and they can also delude your mind from the real issues affecting your life.

So why still engage in bad habits if you know you have a chance of changing something about you?

Bad habits are perceived to be caused by stress, loneliness and boredom. This means you picked up a bad habit because you had nothing better to do. If you have something better to do, your mind will start to transition from negative thoughts to positive thoughts.
If you are bored or stressed, then you’ll obviously have time to play video games, drink alcohol and watch TV, among other things not listed here. Yes, it is true that some of these things were made to help you relieve stress, relax and pass time. But if you are doing them every day and every hour, then it won’t be any good for both your physical and mental health. Nothing in your life will change as you will be focused on things that are negatively consuming your time.

You can find an activity to help you managing the stress, or boredom, by engaging in new and healthier ways to help you kick the bad stuff. Working constantly without taking a break to enjoy life is another bad habit that needs to be overcome.

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