Making The Most Of Your Day (during rehab)

I’d like to explore some of the easiest ways to make the most of your day. Napolean Hill breaks down the day like this: We have 24 hours in a day, 8 hours for sleep, 8 hours for work, 8 hours for free time. When I’m talking about “your day” I mean the 16 hours or so that you’re awake.

We are all very busy creatures. It feels like it’s become fashionable to say “I have no time”. And within that perception of having no time, busy folks feel like their time is hijacked by things outside of themselves, when it’s not quite true.  In fact, there’s an art to making the most of your day and you need to be properly aligned with the desire.

Creating a list of emotions that I want to experience daily became a mirror of my life, and it should reflect yours too, and how you want to feel. If you are interested in achieving success in your life or improving your emotional response, finding what makes you sad and what makes you happy is task #1.

Emotions I Want To Experience DailyHere is a list of my ten positive emotions:

01. Freedom
02. Love
03. Trust
04. Strength
05. Fear
06. Comfort
07. Gratitude
08. Motivation
09. Optimism
10. Inspiration

By having a bit of awareness of your emotions and thought patterns, your creativity can spark and voila…all of a sudden, you’ve created a balanced and fantastic life – just by placing your attention on the ways you want to feel.

Most of the time when we interact with others, there is always a feeling associated with peace, safety or happiness or we may feel betrayal, anger and hate. These feelings are our positive and negative emotions. Some experience positive emotions daily, while some experience negative emotions daily.

Here’s a List Of Those Negative Emotions (to avoid…)

01. Humiliation
02. Rejection
03. Loneliness
04. Frustration
05. Intimidation
06. Pressure
07. Resentment
08. Rage

I’ve lived in these too & they do affect our daily lives. Eliminating negative emotions is very important and beneficial to your wellbeing. Every emotion has its own meaning behind it.

It’s not all about what happens to us when we are faced with emotions, it’s rather more about how we deal with the results we have experienced in life. How we respond to those results directly affects how we choose to deal with future circumstances our lives.

Being Mindful is to learn how to deal with your emotions in a timely manner. This will help you discover and deal with problems and difficulties you may face. This will also help you find answers and solutions to your problems and get you off the emotional rollercoaster.

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