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Evolve your corporate wellness strategy by incorporating daily meditation into your hospital culture. Mantra Style Meditation is the ideal system to build more certainty, elevate clinical skills, and boost recovery time in between shifts, while enhancing empathy and compassion. It starts with you!

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In This Condensed 3-Session Mantra Meditation Course, You'll Learn:


An easy solution to go within and master your emotions...

Training your employees to develop a daily meditation practice helps them slow the mind and pause before reacting. This increases collaboration and helps us see things from a different point of view. There’s also a proven connection between meditation and cortisol, which offers a buffer from rebounding against the stress of your daily life. 

A streamlined process that works if you are a healthcare leader:

"I discovered a path to create times of calm, creativity and relaxation!"

“Having never experienced any form of meditation, I approached it with uncertainty as to the results. I had a lot going on in my life as I prepared for a new career and it was hard for me to settle my brain and escape anxiety. This is where Lynn’s program came in!

Through this course, I discovered a path to create times of calm, creativity and relaxation unlike anything I had experienced before. I meditate daily as part of my morning routine and it has become my “mind sanctuary” that brings insight and stillness which propels me into the day with confidence and invigoration!” 


“I achieved amazing results of calm and peace”

Lynn has been wonderful to work with. I really enjoyed her meditation course. The platform was user-friendly, easy to navigate and really informative. Her style of teaching is encouraging, calming, nurturing, and warm. 

I achieved amazing results of calm and peace and Lynn motivated me to continue with a daily meditation practice long after the course finished. The positive effect on my daily life has been wonderful. I’m managing my stress better, have a high sense of self awareness, and feel happier. My relationships are healthier too. I cannot recommend Lynn more as a coach and meditation teacher”

Sarah D. - ESL Teacher + coach

"I am able to recognize, and deal with, stress in a much better way"

“After a personal tragedy, I felt like I was walking in a fog and I had no control over my life. It was hard for me to make decisions and concentrate from day to day. Every time I talked to a “professional” their answer was to take drugs. My problem wasn’t chemical, but spiritual. I talked with Lynn and she suggested I try meditation. I was very skeptical, but she made me promise to keep an open-mind and put some effort into this method of meditation.

I started Lynn’s course 6 weeks ago. It was slow at first, but my life has started to change in a positive way. I am able to recognize, and deal with, stress in a much better way. My sleep patterns have improved, and now I get deep and restorative rest, which for me is the biggest improvement in my life. Now that I can control my stress levels, and I am getting better sleep, everything else in my life is also improving.

Lynn Chenier’s course is easy to follow and very effective.



Take the frustration out of your life now so you can just “CHILL OUT”. With this technique, your cortisol is reduced which helps alleviate stress-related disorders, and become more present.

Proven to reduce disease-causing chemicals, your immune system functions better overall, helping you have less time-off and feeling more energized.

Developing a meditation practice is proven to improve insomnia and help people have more restful sleep, in as little as your first week of training. 

Meditation is proven to improve productivity by turning on the prefrontal cortex – the executor of the brain. By slowing the pace of your body/mind, you focus better.


About The Instructor

Lynn discovered the benefits and challenges of keeping up with a daily meditation practice. With a background in nursing, meditation has helped her to maintain her passion for health and personal growth. During her years of shift work, and then a challenging recovery from a motor vehicle crash, to navigating the waters of parenthood, meditation has always been the reminder of who she is and helped her maintain a level of personal authenticity.

Lynn has found great meaning in her daily practice and she's grateful and honoured to share her experiences and meditation program with you.


Years in Business

My years in nursing combined with coaching and daily meditation offers you breadth and depth.


Students Served

With this many years in nursing, coaching, reiki, and teaching meditation, I've served many.


Coffees per day

As a coffee roaster and a lover of the coffee bean's divine mysteries, I pace myself with Half-Decaf.


Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to get off the stressed-out treadmill, unlock your creativity, and be inspired to create a powerful life that is true and authentic. Once you learn this unique style of meditation, you will notice quickly that you can rely on yourself to manage your emotions and health – the way “self-care” is intended to be. 

What You Learn Inside The Course:



Introduction To Meditation

This 1st lesson will give you the basics that you need to learn the mechanics of the meditation practice itself. We’ll help you develop the skills required for a daily 20-minute meditation session, so you can start to experience the benefits immediately. 



The Development of A Super-Mind

In the 2nd lesson, we will cover the basics of developing a sharper mind; and how the use of a mantra improves your creativity and mental performance. We will reinforce two important elements of meditation practice 1) how the mantra works, and 2) the process of allowing thoughts to pass without judgement. It’s not easy, but part of your journey to becoming a meditator!



The Physiology of Stress & Meditation

Let’s explore the science behind stress. Stress pinches off the CEO of the brain. It’ll sap your energy, and riddle you with health concerns, leading you to disease and poor health. Stress takes all the enjoyment out of your day-to-day living, and can even deplete your mental resources to do important tasks. Let’s continue on your journey together. 

04 - Bonus

Bonus LESSON 4 - offered digitally - 1.0 hour long

Mind Wandering & It's Power

Can mind-wandering actually interfere with your happiness, or can it spark moments of creativity and genius? Let’s discuss the idea of calming the “monkey mind” and why you don’t really need to. Let me guide you to re-energize the mind as it wanders around wherever it chooses to go. 

Plus, You Get These Bonuses When You Enrol

Bonus 1

Course Manual

While a course manual hardly seems like a "bonus", for some students it's a part of their personal journey to discovering what they really want to learn.

Bonus 2

Your Own Unique Mantra

Once you've enrolled in the course, you'll get an email from me with instructions on how to obtain your own unique mantra. This is key to getting you started!

Bonus 3

Health & Wellness Clarity Workbook

This Clarity Workbook was created for my clients in our coaching program, over at Satori. Since I'm invested in your success, I wanted you to have access to it too.

TO SUM IT UP...Throughout June

The Virtual Mantra-Style Meditation Course Will Transform Your Workplace & Lead Us All To Better Collaboration

Here’s the thing… the presence of meditation in the workplace has been growing for quite some time. Now, I’m seeing an acceleration in the healthcare environment as a science-backed option to strengthen the health workforce. 

Whether you have a life of competing demands, and stretched for time, or you have adapted a life of zen already, this Mantra Style Meditation course will help expand all areas of life.

I look forward to supporting your teams of dedicated health practitioners so you can get yourself one-step closer to building your top-notch health system that grows communities!

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My Personal Guarantee To You...

This habit, when implemented, will make a difference in your life, and the life of your teams. When you take action, you’ll get results. 

I am teaching you the same principles I learned over 20 years ago, based on the Transcendental Meditation technique (Yes, what The Beatles used!). These are the same principles I have followed day-in and day-out that have enabled me to contribute to the life of my clients, my community and my family.

Learning to meditate doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or require in-person instruction. You simply need a good teacher, to attend the 3 group lessons, and practice, practice, practice…starting for 5 minutes at a time. 

** The 4th lesson is delivered digitally.

Why wait until a crisis strikes?  Instead, work with a preventative health model! 

Explore The Benefits
of Mantra-Meditation

Here are my top questions.

Mantra-Style meditation not only calms the nervous system, but allows the body to heal itself by reducing the amount of stress hormones, cortisol and norepinephrine, from being released. This helps regulate your mood, decrease anger & aggression, thereby increasing happiness and joy. You heart rate, blood pressure, and breath slows down. Meditation also decreases muscle tension, and even regulates blood sugars by giving your pancreas a break, as well as helping your adrenal glads too.  One can also have a more rapid recovery from exercise.

Learning to meditate with a mantra is not hard to do. In fact, it’s easy but you need to learn the technique.  If I could learn it, anybody can learn it…because I have a lot of thoughts!!!!

Like learning anything new, learning to meditate while using a mantra requires practice. It also requires a base knowledge in order to improve your skill. I teach you the simple steps required.  

Maintaining the habit is a bit tougher to do. With proper mentoring, you’ll get the hang of it within the first lesson.

Although Satori typically serves the health professional community, the Mantra Studio is open to all who wish to learn this powerful technique. COVID-19 has caused many to suffer, and it is our mandate to offer the tools and strategies to anyone who want to improve their health.

The main objective in learning to meditate with a mantra is to quiet the mind, and bring greater peace to the body.  When you’re in the peaceful state and feeling more relaxed, our daily stressors don’t seem so important. This allows you to connect with yourself and your purpose in life. 

Because learning mantra-based meditation requires you to close your eyes, you are instantly giving your brain a much-needed break from Beta-brain waves, and shifting the focus inwards to a slower frequency. And it’s also activating the Pre-frontal cortex, the executor of the brain. You also learn to train yourself to block out any noise that may otherwise impact your ability to focus. 

We all have the same 24 hours in the day, you just need to set this new powerful daily habit as a priority. Once you do that, you will notice that you can find the 20 minute time that you need to fit it in.

If you’re a busy parent to a young child, you can still learn to meditate and do it while sitting at your child’s bedside as they fall asleep. This will teach your child about healing and self-care. 

Because life gets busy…because it is best to take a formal meditation course….because it takes time to get used to using your mantra effortlessly, and because we all need to understand the basic techniques and science behind what we’re doing, we created a 4th lesson that’s delivered to your inbox. 

It starts with closing your eyes for 2 minutes at a time. By joining in at my next virtual course, you would be provided the ideal teachings, nurturance, guidance and space to get off to a good start. The rest is really up to you!

A mantra is a seed work, provided by the teacher. It is used as a vehicle to the meditative state – to quiet the mind. In order to move go deeper into your mind and allow your body to rest, you will need the practice and technique. Learning to meditate with a mantra is the most effortless way to create new levels of mastery in one’s life.