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turn your stress into your biggest asset in 20 minutes

Join our upcoming 4-session Virtual Vedic Meditation course where you’ll learn the proven techniques to efficiently transcend your daily stress into your biggest asset. All you need is 20 minutes at a time.

We help YOU lead healthy and balanced lives through an evidence-based style of meditation. 

What if… you felt you were exactly where you needed to be?

What if… you achieved total mastery over your ego & potential? 

What if…you already had amazing health & balance, but it took less effort?


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Meditation is a state where you are contemplating and reflecting, but yet with a very clear mind.  Meditation is the perfect starting point to getting you to feeling happy, healthy and living from the soul.

By repeating a mantra, you learn to focus your brain activity on something outside of the typical mind-chatter. You learn to “zone-out” the interfering thoughts, stressors and other interruptions while you reach a state of much deeper and higher concentration.

You also activate the Pre-frontal Cortex in a way that provides you a boost to mental functioning and creativity that NO OTHER meditation method provides.   

Join me in our upcoming course to create a SUPER MIND! . 


Here are my top questions.

Quiet the mind and bring greater peace to the body.  This peace allows instant stress reduction. 

We all have the same 24 hours in the day, you just need to set it as a priority. If you’re a busy parent to a young child, you can sit at their bedside and meditate as they fall asleep. This will teach your child about healing and self-care.

No! Like learning anything new, meditation requires practice. It also requires a base knowledge in order to improve your skill. I teach you the simple steps required.  

Because mantra-based meditation requires you to close your eyes, you are instantly giving your brain a much-needed break from Beta-brain waves, and shifting the focus inwards. You also learn to train yourself to block out any noise that may otherwise impact your ability to focus. And it’s also activating the Pre-frontal cortex, the executor of the brain. 

Meditation not only calms the nervous system, but allows the body to heal itself by reducing the amount of stress hormones, cortisol and norepinephrine, from being released. This helps regulate your mood, decrease anger & aggression, thereby increasing happiness and joy. You heart rate, blood pressure, and breath slows down. Meditation also decreases muscle tension, and even regulates blood sugars by giving your pancreas a break, as well as helping your adrenal glads too.  One can also have a more rapid recovery from exercise.

It is best to take a formal meditation class in order to understand the basic techniques. Once you have that, sitting for a regular daily meditation, eyes closed, will be a starting point. 

By joining in at my next 4-session course, you would be provided the ideal teachings, nurturance, guidance and space to get off to a good start. 


Need an experienced Health Educator, Coach & Consultant for your workplace? Are you ready to help your staff enhance their focus and performance?

The workplace environment has powerful influences on healthy lifestyle behaviours of employees. Meditation fits perfectly into any Workplace Health program. 

I’ve been practicing Transcendental Meditation for close to 20 years, and I’d love to teach you the art of how to be in the present. 

Contact me to discuss how I can deliver my Innovative Evidence-Based Health Behaviour Change System in your workplace. 

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I’m Lynn Chenier. I operate a Premium Health & Wellness practice with roots in Mindfulness, Meditation, and Strategic Intervention. I love baking, taking adventures, hiking + the beach, along with raising my witty 7 year old Soleil. Let’s Chat!

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