Lynn’s Version Of Working On Your Life


This feels a bit like a rhetorical question, because many of us will nod “yes”, but how can we do this when we’re constantly pushing against the grain, and running ourselves thin on energy?

You’ve likely heard this said from your mom or your grandmother: “you need to find more balance!!!”. And the truth is, we all need to work a bit harder on our lives because life is more complex than it was in previous decades ( media).

In between how you live your life versus how you spend your time in life, makes up a soulful value. Yes, let me repeat that: Soulful Value. What?


You need balance to feed the soul, and the ways in which your time and energy are used will dictate how much you’re working on your life. A few months ago I found myself very busy with the early stages of my business. I felt I was “living my life” according to what I should have been doing. It then hit me, that the time I was lacking in my secret sauce: my soul was feeling blah! I missed my short vacations up Island to Tofino, and that was because I was leaving behind “my life”, and sacrificing my should for these tasks.


As a Mindfulness Coach, I can help anyone find the balance between the two. I can show you the Power in all the things that you are, and that you’ve done.

Overcoming your own personal roadblocks and challenges is very critical. Going though all the challenges you’ve faced in life can also be a terrifying experience!

But these experiences have brought you this far in life, by teaching you your capabilities and strengths, while also highlighting things that don’t fit in your life. We all face struggles and challenges regardless of what we do, or who we are!


It’s much easier too face your fears to discover your true purpose or meaning in life once you’ve identified that something’s not working. There is such thing as living a Purposeless Life! YES INDEED! Often times, however, people are just hiding behind their fears, and feeling a bit deflated, all in order to avoid actually working on their life, and fully discovering their true potential.

But that does not make them cowards simply because they are scared of challenging themselves. They just need some coaching to fully embrace their potential. My job and purpose as a Mindfulness coach is to fully unlock human potential, and shift ones’s fear of doing it by themselves.
We all need a little support sometimes. We also need to have courage to work on our lives and change for the better.

Change is always a good thing! Change is not only good for you; it also affects those around you. Making mistakes helps you grow and gain confidence as a human being, and by asking someone to walk the journey of self-discovery with you means you are willing to embrace change.

Are you willing to suffer only because you are afraid to ask for the help?

Mindfulness coaching can help you work on your life through multiple strategies. My methodology is Strategic Intervention. Read this blog post on Strategic Intervention if you need more information. My method is about helping you through the journey of self discovery, in the most mindful and strategic way possible.  I help you look at the problem, acknowledge it and thank it for presenting itself, in order for you to move forward and away from it.

Contact me to assist you in your journey of self discovery. Let my flashlight light your path to balance, clarity and focus.

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