Are You A Health Practitioner Eager To Prevent Burnout?

Banish Burnout Bootcamp

Here's What I'll Show You

This is a FREE 3-part video training program created by Lynn Chenier, to help create a strategic plan to shake the stress off your shoulders. I’m going to help you shift your patterns and launch an amazing life, and clinical practice. It won’t miraculously happen. This 3-part video training series is the first step to that!

The 6 Powerful Strategies To Go From Stress To Zen

 Whether you're working nights shifts, days or in an isolated community, we all face challenges with being present in our lives.

The 8 Common Mistakes Health Practitioners Are Making

You're making the same mistakes over and over again, without noticing that you're fatiguing your adrenals and throwing off your cortisol.

The Complete Roadmap To Change Daily Habits & Mindsets

Motivation is right inside of you, and it’s my job as a coach to help you reach new heights so you can create powerful daily habits to be healthy.





You’re a successful, hard-working health care practitioner with a complex life… but you're tired, spread too thin, and wondering, how am I going to sustain this?

Well guess what, busy folks: The health care industry is always demanding, so it's time to slow down, pay attention and start doing more of what matters.

Can you imagine a life where you’re constantly:

  • Creating a better life for yourself
  • You’re aligned with your most authentic self
  • You’re focused on the right things
  • Feeling Healthy, mindful and sane
  • And…you know how to bypass the BS that keeps you stuck. 


    The thing is, there are strategic things you can put into place right away that will make this happen, and I’m going to show you how to do that in the Banish Burnout Bootcamp training series.



about Your trainer

I'm Lynn Chénier

Health & mindset coach, WORKPLACE HEALTH CONSULTANT, nurse


Founder of The School Of Health, Mindfulness & Spirituality, and Creator of The ProMind Experience, developed and deliver online personal development interventions to help health practitioners, and the corporate environment. I’m devoted to empowering people through uncertainty, and helping them manage stress and burnout in order to achieve inner calm and increase mental clarity.  

From my days as a practicing nurse and health promoter, to a shift in focus into Chiropractic College, and then a major car crash that forced me to years of med-rehab, I bring years of training in mindfulness and managing daily habits. Through that pain and suffering, I discovered there’s a very unique recipe for managing our reality. 

I’m a firm believer that if we step-off the stressed-out treadmill and tune-into our true authentic self, we can shift our mind-body rhythms and become effective in our lives. This training series is only the beginning of what I can offer you. 

I will not only help you slow down your life, but I aim to give you the tools and roadmap to become more aware of what’s missing so you can shift it and get a system in place to feel healthy, happy and whole again. You don’t know what you don’t know.