With that in mind, through my practice, live events, and this website, I aim to inspire and empower others to create a life that connects them to their soul. Just know that by taking care of yourself through self-exploration, contemplation, or meditation doesn’t have to feel like a chore – it can be downright fun!

I truly believe ‘the Good Life’ is available to us all. Outside of coaching, I’m a big fan of high-vibe living and hanging out with my daughter, Soleil, whom I had as a solo mother, through a fertility donor, and my handsome man, Dave. I also love the ocean, along with great wine, cheese and craft beers! My ultimate joy is creating a life that boosts my soul’s purpose…and that involves taking my clients along the journey with me.

I am the coach for the driven individual who hates being in pain and values the good life. 



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My Story

We all have a story. Mine happens to be layered and so diverse that it’s taken me years to really dig deep into how to give my clients and readers what they need. I share my story with the hopes of inspiring you to trust in me enough to take you to a different place in your life. 

Professional Side

I started my nursing career in the 90s. Prior to that, I taught kids how to swim, and coached my local Synchronized Swimming team. My teen years idol was Carolyn Waldo, Olympic Gold Medalist in 1988. I was born to teach, write and coach people on being healthy and happy. 

Who I Work With

I’ve carved out a niche in working with 2 types of people: personal injury & the busy professionals. However, I won’t work with just anybody.  Want to know if we’re a good match? 

Fun Facts

If you’re interested in knowing the fun side of my personality, and all my hopes and dreams,  head on over. These aren’t such big secrets, really. Perhaps we’re more alike than you know?