An 8-Session 1-1 Coaching Program Helps Health Practitioners Kick-Start Their Growth, Shift Their Mindset And Build Resilience Against Complex Workplace Pressures!

Is life just getting in the way of better results?

Our one-on-one strategic coaching services get you breakthroughs and results to help you be mindful, leverage your strengths, and kick-start a better way of life. 

Can you image a miracle occurs in your sleep, and you could wake-up and be living your life the way YOU intended to live it? I want you to imagine programming your mind for that now. 

You’d have a new sense of freedom and balance! Your personal control would be restored! Your story would matter in a different way, and you’d have the motivation to move beyond this situation. 

Your current choices are to a) continue putting-off living a more joyful life, or b) keep doing what you’re doing: manage and survive the day. Yes? No?

And there’s the 3rd option c) join my one-on-one 8-week coaching program, Mindful-You. 


You have a vision for your future, but it’s not QUITE happening that way. You’re lost and wondering what’s next? 



  1.  Help when you need it: I’m committed to bringing you the highest level of coaching possible, by offering you my time outside our coaching sessions. Need support at your next cardiology visit or struggling with a certain hang-up in between sessions? I’m only an email or phone call away!
  2. Understanding on how to live your purpose in life : Learn to define and live out your Life’s Purpose & manage your reactions to people, colleagues, and life events.
  3. Improvement in your health : Health Coaching has shown significant improvements in goal setting (73%), motivational interviewing (27%), and collaboration with health care providers (20%). (Source: AJHP, Vol 25, Issue 1, 2010). Essentially, you come to life again!
  4. Trust in yourself and the process : Life is full of uncertainty. Why not learn to trust in every experience that comes your way? Forgive your failures, and learn to trust them as learning opportunities.
  5. Personal accountability and empowerment : Life coaching improves self-efficacy and self-empowerment. Coaches are experts at getting you motivated!

MINDFUL-YOU is perfect for you if you...

If this is you, I’m the Coach to help you overcome your life hurdles, and change your story.

During these 8-weeks together, we’ll...

Step-out of your ego. learn Mindfulness-Based strategies to live in the moment.

Achieve greater direction and confidence in (re)discovering parts of yourself you judge, or try to run away from.

In MINDFUL YOU, I’ll Share my best practices that enabled me to…

Mindful You™ includes 8 (60 minute) one-on-one sessions, and is an investment of $1997. We’ll meet once a week on Zoom video, in the comfort of your own home.

Want to know more?? 

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Mindful You was created out of a deep understanding for what you, the Health Professional, is going through day-to-day. You get so busy with life that you forget about all the amazing parts of yourself that are lying dormant. This program is about bringing out that soul, and letting it breath (and then shine!).

It’s my mission to help you manage uncertainty through learning the mindset strategies you need to shift you to a better place (even if it’s just a little mental trip you take at lunch time). 

Mindful You will help you create a transformation – not wait for one to happen.Through an in-depth 6 human needs assessment, and a powerful mind-mapping session, you’ll learn to shift your reality & live with deeper meaning.

If you’re looking to create more peace, and have a chat with your heart and spirit, and you’re feeling like this might be a “YES, I WANT TO EXPLORE”, click on the button to purchase MINDFUL YOU, this amazing 8-session coaching program.

Once we receive your payment we’ll be in touch to schedule your sessions within 24 hours, so look for an email from [email protected]  (Remember to check your spam folder)

Together, we’ll curate your significant & soulful life!

Lynn xo

Not Ready For Intensive Work?

I get it, you may not have the time or desire to go deep right now. 
Why not jump into a shorter 6-session program instead? If you’re interested in coaching but want to remain on the surface of some issues in your life – I can do that too! 

No deep-dives. No assessments. Just a discovery process of what you want more of, to release unfilled parts of your life.