Hi friend, I'm lynn

A retired nurse turned mindset coach + helping health practitioners make their lives healthy & balanced.

Satori was started because I believed in the power of managing your mind. How I discovered that was rather traumatic and painful. The bottom line… we all face challenges along the way and need support to realign ourselves. I’ve built a business on helping humans slow down and build a life they love – inside and outside of their professional work. This is how I’m making the world a better place.

The Timeline


Birth of


Birth of Satori
an RN


Bad Car Crash


How it all began

My story really began the moment I woke-up from a coma

I received my BScN, with a Minor in Women’s Studies, from McMaster University. My nursing positions were amazing and diversified. Then…I hit this pivotal moment in my career where I felt I needed more and moved on to the Doctor of Chiropractic program.

My journey at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College began, but was cut-short from a severe motor vehicle crash, that landed me in a coma for weeks,  and a resuscitation at the hands of gifted health professionals…like you.

This is the part of my story that reminds me of what happens when you go too fast, and need to stop. These are the lessons I’ll show YOU! So…I eventually completed my Master in Social Justice in Education @ The University of Toronto/OISE, which sparked my interest in pursing Strategic Coaching with Tony Robbins’ coaching program…

Today....I'm building the Mindful Clinician Community one health care provider at a time.

Being on the inside of the health system, as a patient, changed my views of nursing.  It was a business with Human Capital! Years after rehabbing injuries and wrapping-up my Masters Degree, I realized my break from clinical work had to come to an end! I needed to teach what I’d learned about going too fast, and the powerful lessons learned about the powers of meditation, mindfulness, and managing your mind.

With over 20 years experience, I knew that hospitals could use a workplace wellness program that emphasized employee personal development, in and out of the office. This is no longer an asset to an organization running efficiently, but crucial to ending the cycle clinician turnover and burnout.


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The ProMind Experience is there to serve hospitals at creating more balance in their clinicians. This requires a bigger strategy. When properly coordinated across several institutions, the Promind Experience could extend improved patient care and clinician happiness. 

Learn To Meditate

The Mantra Studio provides health practitioners with the respite they need to re-balance, and achieve better states of health. Pursuing a career in health is no easy feat. Instead, it’s a choice made out of dedication for humanity. Learn to balance that dedication with a daily meditation routine. 

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