A retired nurse turned mindset coach, helping health practitioners lead healthy & soulful lives.

Keeping nurses on the roster is a serious game. You’re here for the long play.

For Hospitals who don't want the same old wellness-burnout stuff - who actually want to make a difference in their staff's lives, I'm your person...

HEY, I'm LYNN A Chénier

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Birth of Satori
an RN


Bad Car Crash


How it all bEGAN

My story really began the moment I woke-up from a coma

I received my Nursing Degree, with a Women’s Studies minor. I just had to be the only feminist in my class! While I loved working as a nurse, I hit this pivotal moment in my career where I felt I needed more or perhaps burnout set-inI started studying in the Doctor of Chiropractic program, and juggled nursing part-time. Talk about mindset training on-the-job!

My journey in Chiropractic College was cut-short from a horrific highway car crash. This landed me in a coma for weeks,  and a resuscitation at the hands of gifted health professionals…like you. This is the part of my story that reminds me of what happens when you go too fast – literally!! 

I eventually got my head back in the ring and completed my Masters in Social Justice in Education. That sparked my interest in pursing Strategic Coaching.

Today....I'm building the Mindful Clinician Community one health care provider at a time.

Being a patient was horrific! Eventually that ended, and got back on the nursing horse and created my own director’s position, waving at you health executives who want change…

I’m also calling-out the industry on the B.S. about going too fast, so we can all learn the same powerful lessons I learned. 

It’s through my podcast, The Satori Radio, and The ProMind Experience, where I get to share the powers of meditation, mindfulness, and managing your mind to reshape the way nurses and health executives experience life. 

In today’s world, healthcare executives know that throwing more people at problems isn’t going to make the system any better. Those who invest in themselves passionately, and who recommit quickly with a peak-performance mindset, are the ones who will see change.


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