Hey there! Are you a health practitioner READY to LIVE A HEALTHY & SOULFUL life?

You’re about to finally get off the stressed-out treadmill, and become energized to craft out your best life.

Every day THOUSANDS of gifted health care providers like you are burning-out because they don’t have a process in place to overcome fatigue, and balance work & life. That’s not your fault. You work demanding shifts that have recently pushed you to your limits.

Question is… Are you doing anything about it?

The success of your life, rests heavily on your answer to this question.


If you know WITHOUT A DOUBT that you’re not the healthiest you’ve been, and you’re struggling with your MINDSET,..or…you’re simply not getting the TRANSFORMATIVE results you want because you’ve lost your inner power,


But first...

The million dollar question

We’re all asking ourselves…


I’ve worked in health care for 25 years, and in that time I’ve seen a lot change…except one thing, healthcare professionals are still burning-out.

And I faced that burnout head-on when suddenly, I disappeared from my life entirely, from a severe car crash. I was only a few months into my new job as an L&D nurse, expecting to return to Chiropractic College in the fall. Needless to say, I was faced with a big “WTF”.


The bottom line though, we share a different story. But there are very few things that should matter outside of being healthy, happy and thriving. In other words, you’ve gotta be true to yourself and empower your inner strength to live in this new world order of 2021.

Lynn Chenier | Director Satori Health & Wellness Coaching Ltd

Wanna know the 2 essential elements every health practitioner needs in order to THRIVE?

(Hint: these can save you a whole lotta heartache and frustration)


personal reflection


your ability to act on your goals

(Lucky for us, the 2 go hand in hand)

The biggest thing I’ve learned in 25 years
of WORKING IN health & wellness is this:

The success of your life is directly tied to YOUR MINDSET on getting different results

Does that make sense to you at all?


(And some solutions to help you shift quickly)


You’re performing non-clinical tasks, or non job-related tasks. Yup! You’re doing every job under the stars.

You might be managing scheduling or other things that aren’t a part of your duties, and although you might like the validation it provides,…it’s taking-up your valuable time.


Decide & define for yourself what you’re really awesome at in your practice. 

What is the problem that you’re hired to solve for your clients? Make a pro-active decision on the problems you really want to be solving. Is it admin? Or is it top-notch client care? Then raise the bar for yourself.


You have no action plan to get you to a better place. You didn’t even think you needed one. In fact, when you started your position, you were fully committed to other areas of your life. Now, you’ve lost that momentum.


Make a key decision about who you want to be and be focused on 1-2 things to keep you focused. Because…. it’s just too difficult to change unless you break it down into baby steps. It’s like hitting a target blindfolded, you just can’t see it. 


No focus ability.  And unfortunately that’s all you can really think about; that you’re so busy and unfocused. 


Create a self-reflection practice that’s consistent. This will allow you the freedom to remind yourself of what you want, know, and need. Self-reflection will help you to stop and reassess. It only a few minutes!


You’re getting outdated advice on how to properly “shift and re-focus”, This is causing you to do “self-care” the “outdated” way…not addressing the issues long-term. Spa days are great, but what’s happening in-between the spa day?


Get a strategy to play-up your strengths and commit to a consistent daily practice of 1-2 things daily. Consistency is key. Write these down or put them in your digital calendar with daily reminders.


You’re running too fast and no clue where you’re going: shift to shift, week to week, and month to month. You know your trouble spots. You don’t know how to slow down. You give, and give some more and then feel guilty when you want to yourself.



Get a System That Builds-Your Strategies. Strategy is self-reflection in a journal for 5 minutes. A System is what you do daily, with consistency. You do everything you need to do to rearrange your life circumstances – A System!


You’re Doing Everything On Your Own. 

you’re running way too fast going from And suffering deeply as a result. You might have a counsellor who allows you to vent, but you’re still on your own.


Get a mentor, who can help you assess your trouble spots so that you can get the support and accountability to make your life amazing, A coach or consultant is ideal because they’re trained to support you.

The good news is…

Getting A System In Place To Get What You Want Out Of Life Is Easier Than Ever

If you’ve made it this far, you ALREADY know that changing your perception and your mindset is critical to your personal growth and success. 


Yes, these outcomes are within reach for everyone (even if you’re a newbie at mindfulness)…but they DO depend on you taking step-by-step action.


Which is why I’m so excited to share with you one of my secret weapons for keeping my life balanced, happy and just the way I want it without the need to overcomplicate it.


My proven personal development system that GUARANTEES you’ll get the breakthroughs necessary to get off that stressed-out treadmill and live out your new life – the one you were truly born to live.

After 25 years of helping people manage their health and mindset, i've developed a streamlined proven process that works for Health practitioners who ARE:

The Result Is:

The easy-to-follow, mission-focused “roadmap”, will give you the capabilities, the strategies, the mindset and the psychology to ignite your inner strength,  get you off the stressed-out treadmill, and live a healthy & soulful life. 

Here’s how IT all breaks down:

The ProMind Experience is a “gamified” 6-Module personal development program that you can implement within the first week (but, you’ll continue using throughout your life).


In this first module, you’ll clarify your personal vision and health goals, understand some basic mindfulness principles, identify your blindspots, and create time for yourself. 


By the time you’re finished with Module #1, you’ll have the foundational elements that you need to test your own theories of the world, which will come later-on in the program. Also, you’ll have the components to setup your blueprint for personal success.


What Else Will You Cover, Lynn?

Here's What ELSE We'lL Cover In This 1st Module:

Module 2. I AM

Know Thyself!! Are you ready to dive into your psyche? Self-awareness isn’t optional in modern day life. What’s more, your awareness will become your best asset and tool — working 24/7 to build new neural connections, grow as a person, and creatively shift your mindset into powerful and creative thinking.


In this module, we’ll work to assess your personal and professional needs so that you can shift into a place of deeper awareness, focus and self-love. Using the following metaphor “you can’t clean-up the dirt if you can’t see it”, we’ll dig deep into old wounds to shift out of them. 

Module 3. CREATE

In Module 2 we analyzed the story, now we’re recreating it with a proven MindMapping technique.  


Using proven techniques and strategies we’ll work toward personal discovery and how to operate from a new emotional state, as opposed to running an old subconscious one that’s deeply embedded in old perceptions.


By the end of this Module, you’ll have created a roadmap to generate ongoing ideas, reminders and prompts. Your own personal action plan will improve your health, & help you put your best foot forward.

Integration Week.


At week 4, we take a break. No lessons. No modules. But for the keeners in the group who want to go a little deeper, and step-up their personal work, this module is here to help. 


The best way to gain momentum is to continually test your new story and implement new strategies. Yet, the best of intentions can still position us for failure. This bonus module takes you a bit deeper into creating your ideal life to reinforce your new paradigm shift.  

Module 4. self-mastery

Are you starting to see the power of your mind? Module 4 is about creating a fail-proof system for yourself. To get you where you want to go, and inspire you to implement everything we’re teaching inside The ProMind Experience, I’ve gone the extra mile, to prepare you to assess your blindspots and identify those key relationships. 


Here’s What We’ll Cover: Your Modes of Being, to carve-out emotional states you’d like to live-in. We’ll also explore why traditional societal definitions of success are not as important as you think. You’ll discover the right (and wrong) way to connect with your strengths and also create 3 new internal goals (vs the big external goals). 



Module 5. Mindfulness

The key to engaging and long-term success is knowing how to create different results. 

In this module, you’ll learn advanced techniques and strategies to add to your toolkit.


We’ll cover what meditation can do for you, and how to position yourself to avoid stress and overwhelm to keep your body in equilibrium.  


Using proactive stress management can be your biggest Pro-Mind booster in connecting your mind with your body. 

Module 6 - Integration

High five!!! You’re now engaging the new you ready to integrate all you’ve learned about yourself.  Using a meditative exploration of 4 main archetypes, “our shadows”; the lover, the magician, the warrior, and the hero;  we’ll work toward connecting your many selves, and build the ultimate trust in yourself so you always have the answers within.

The ProMind Experience HAS built-in 7 powerful psychological triggers into your program!

and why that matters to getting you results…




It’s commonly known that only 3% of people ever open, complete or get results from online trainings and courses they buy.

This means a whopping 97% of you folks wouldn’t get the results you were promised unless things change drastically in the online trainings industry!  I know this first hand, and that’s why I put everything I’ve got into the ProMind Experience, to get you as motivated as humanly possible so that you’re not only “inlove” with The ProMind Experience but “inlove” with yourself. 


Take a look inside the program:

Play Video

Plus these hot bonuses

bonus 1

3-Part Training Series,

The Banish Burnout Bootcamp

To build your stress-management system, and get you a quick-win, these 3 training videos are available right away. 


Here’s What We’ll Cover

⇒ Burnout Training Video #1: The 6 Most Powerful Strategies To Go From Stress To Zen As Health Practitioners


⇒ Burnout Training Video #2 : The 8 Mistakes To Avoid As A Health Care Practitioner Than Can Affect Cortisol


⇒ Burnout Training Video #3: The Complete Roadmap To Change Daily Habits And Mindsets That Make Life Fun & Engaging


You’ll get access to this exclusive bonus before The ProMind Experience begins, to get you off the stressed-out treadmill. It’s a Game Changer.


bonus 2

Toolkit: 17 Ways To Integrate Mindfulness Into Your Clinical Practice.

I want you to envision sharing the message with your clients. This bonus is all about the Train the Trainer Model as well as boosting you with additional tools. 


Your success is going to rely upon you applying the system I teach you in Pro-Mind. There’s no better way in my view, than to be teaching what you learned. Your clients are going to benefit so much from this Bonus. 

extra bonus


Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than sitting down to do a program, and you’re doing “the work,” but that evil little voice chatters in your head that you can’t do it. Never again, friend! This formula will make all your confidence issues (even the ones lurking from behind) melt away.


With this bonus by your side you’ll have no reason not to start making consistent shifts in your life, from building the confidence you need to live the life you desire most!




when you enroll during this

special, limited time period, you’ll get:

a TOTALLY UNIQUE PROGRAM experience that'll change your life

Here’s What You Get In The Pro-Mind™️ Experience

Priority Access To Over 50 Lessons Delivered Over 6 Powerful Modules

In The ProMind™ Experience I’ve built a suite of short courses. You’ll get a module every week, which turns out to be a lesson a day that offers you simple strategies to program you to take daily action towards a different way of showing-up in the world, with yourself, your loved ones, and your colleagues.

Plus These High Impact, Engaging Cheat Sheets

I’m handing you all the templates, outlines, and formulas that we’ve tested for peak performance with prior launches. There are cheat cheats for creating goals, creating routines, living in your power, and building a new you. So, I’ve watched health practitioners go through Pro-Mind™ without doing the work, and without attending the group sessions and they did not get the same results.

The ProMind™️ Experience “Breakthrough Coaching” Group Sessions

In addition to the 6 Modules, lessons, and cheatsheets, you get 5 Live, recorded, “hot seat” breakthrough coaching sessions. This provides the momentum you need. We’ll show you how to get into action with high-performance tactics that could add back hundreds of dollars to your monthly revenue and save you from a devastating sick leave.

The Mindful Clinician Community.

Inside our Xperiencify program platform you get a FREE community, to help you take action, learn faster, build momentum and maintain balance. ** This community will only grow, and YOU are the “founding members” that will create a ripple effect in the health care industry everywhere around the world.

Here's Why You Need To Get Inside The Pro-Mind Experience Today

We all wish we could do a complete overhaul of our lives, and just fix things right away; to be serving our highest good at all times, and be the best version of ourselves to attract the right moments & people.


I believe there has never been a better (or more important) time to build community and personal resilience.


Without a doubt, the world and healthcare system has changed. And you’re forced to adapt to those changes…but there’s a cost. 

Lynn Chenier, BScN, MA helps health practitioners be more balanced and free through mindfulness, meditation and strategic intervention coaching.

More & more, people are looking for systems and solutions. The truth is, it takes “work”, and training, to put all that into place. Sometimes we need to take stock of where we’re at TODAY and resolve to take different action that will get us to where we really want to be. 

I don’t want you to look back in 6 months from now in regret that you didn’t take advantage of this offer, wondering what might have been had you enrolled in The ProMind Experience. 


I want you to take these strategies, and system, and use them turn your entire life around…and be proud of the community you’re a part of…many of whom are just as eager as you are to make permanent change and build community.


I want you to walk into your next workday with CONFIDENCE…proud of the momentum you have in all areas of your life. And I want you to pat yourself on the back for the decision you made today.


A ridiculous, 60-day “try it, test it, apply it” SATORI guarantee

If you’re on the fence…Or if other trainings have left you skeptical…Then I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put The ProMind Experience into action and experience how easy and exciting it can actually be to welcome dozens of new strategies, a mission-focused program with a system and many new friendships into your life.



When you say “YES!” to joining us in The ProMind Experience: How to Shift, Grow and Lead A More Balanced & Authentic Life through a hospital-wide initiative you will not personally be charged. This is a hospital-wide offer and the workplace is offering you a unique gift.


If you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise to help you shift and grow, we’ll happily help you get results. We definitely want to make sure this is the right investment for you. We’re only here to serve the customers we are well suited for. We firmly stand behind the integrity and value of this program and our reputation as a leader in this industry.


IMPORTANT NOTE: We’ll ask for your completed course work (to make to sure you give it a go) and ask what didn’t work for you (so we can learn and improve) and help you work through the program to get you results.


If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please contact us.

The program Pro-Mind / The Pro-Mind™ Experience is a digital product. 

After you notify your manager and they fulfill the terms of the contract, you will get instant access to the members-only area with some of the bonus course content. Simply check your email for system access &/or follow-up with your Human Resources Dpt.