You’re about to finally get off the stressed-out treadmill and make your life top priority…
That's right!

In 7 weeks, get the step-by-step system for living in the moment, EVERY SINGLE DAY, without the confusion or overwhelm of "I just don't have the time" syndrome...


Every day THOUSANDS of gifted health care providers like you are burning-out because they don’t have a process in place to overcome fatigue and balance work & life. It’s not your fault. You work demanding shifts and manage complex clinical cases that require your focus.  

question is...

Are you doing anything about it?

And whether you’ve been in a personal development program or have plans to create a something better for yourself in the near future, the success of your goals and managing your mindset, AND your health, rest heavily on your answer to this question. 

If you know WITHOUT A DOUBT that you’ve had trouble picturing PERMANENT changes and your current strategies are not always CONSISTENT and leaving you drained and tired. 

Or… You have a system, but when you try to implement it, you’re not getting the TRANSFORMATIVE results, to the point where you just can’t seem to attract different things in your life.

then keep reading…

But First...


we’re all asking ourselves

In the face of so much uncertainty, How Are You Going to Zero In On What Matters Most and Continue On Your Journey of Personal Growth?

It’s a question that can make you feel like overwhelm is
natural and has no consequences to your health (or in my case, getting fired). 

And I still remember the day I got fired.

It was at the end of my 1st term in Chiropractic College after I left my cozy full-time job as a Health Promoter. I stayed on casual at the hospital to "pay the bills" while in school. And despite feeling like I was a quasi “super hero"… one which people always seemed impressed by, I was totally unfocused. I lacked clinical judgement from fatigue. 

I felt judged by my peers, then I disappeared from it all from a severe car crash a few months into my new job as a L&D nurse. I was faced with a big  “WTF”.

But the most painful part wasn’t the fact that I was now lying in a critical care bed with casts on all limbs, and a fractured skull, totally disconnected from my entire reality. It wasn't that my life was never to be the same. It was a clear-cut reminder of my lack of ability to slow down.

Regardless of the challenges...I'm GRATEFUL for the lessons learned. And GRATEFUL for the lessons you're learning now. 

Because the million dollar question...and the actions you take today to finally be able to answer what life might look like, holds the key to your life's success. The success of your life is directly tied to the actions you take now towards different results. 


What’s the consequence to you



The 6 reasons you're still stuck with a bad case of...BURN-OUT

You’re doing every job under the stars. 

Sure, give people what they want but there are limits. You might be managing scheduling …it’s not a part of your duties, and you might like the validation it provides, but… it’s taking up your valuable time. 

What You Need: The confidence to decide & define for yourself what you’re really awesome at in your practice. 

What is the problem that you’re hired to solve for your clients? 

So make Pro-active decision here. Make a pro-active decision on the problems you really want to be solving. Is it admin? Or is it top-notch client care? And then raise the bar on that decision and define it.

Let me guess, you didn’t think you needed one.

In fact, when you started your position, you were fully committed to other areas of your life.

But as you struggled to gain traction you kept bumping up against old ways.

Every few months you reassess how you’re feeling but you feel like you’re hitting a target blindfolded.

What You Need: To make a key decision about who you want to be and be focused on 1-2 things that will keep you aware of where you’re going.

Because…. it’s just too difficult to change unless the desired outcome stares you in the face.

You’re in a real bind at this point because you’re running from day to day, hour by hour, case by case. 

Weeks are flying by. 

And unfortunately that’s all you can really think about is that you’re so busy. 

That emotion becomes predictable, and even becomes a pattern of thought. 

By the end of the day, you just want to flop on the couch to watch a mindless show with a drink in hand, or two, to unwind your nervous system. 

You have no idea who you really are anymore. 

You just know you’re drastically different from the person you were a few years ago. 

What You Need: A consistent mindfulness practice that allows you the freedom to self-reflect on what you want, know, and need.

You end up in a position to have to throw a bunch of spaghetti at the wall and clean it up later. 

What You Need: You need to know that you can change your mindset, and stop allowing these obstacles to get in the way of your happiness and ability to focus on your personal and professional goals, despite the strains on health professionals and on the health care system at large. 

All that comes in the form of a Strategy. If you have a strategy in place, you’re able to set a few things in motion right away to shifting how you feel.

Let me guess you have some awareness of your trouble spots.

What you need: A system. Have a goal check-in

you’re running way too fast going from shift to shift, week to week, and month to month. ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What You Need: To get a mentor, who can help you assess your trouble spots so that you can get the right support and accountability in your life to make your marriage amazing, or to find the right partner and actually spend quality time with them. Inside of Pro-Mind, we spend an entire lesson evaluating your strengths. 

The Good News Is... Getting A System In Place To Get What You Want Out Of Life Is Easier Than Ever

If you’ve made it this far, you ALREADY know that changing your perception and your mindset is critical to creating powerful habits that create personal growth and success. 

No need to remind you of that 🙂


that by HAVING A SOLID SYSTEM IN PLACE using Satori’s 5-Steps For Peak Performance System, that I’M ABOUT TO share with YOU, you’LL also have the power to:

b90bf2d7493c4c3391fa0971c243b6f3-1-ol2rpsrx335hp28to8n8ja98hh72agi9b0cpvubork Pro-Mind Experience

Yes, these outcomes are within reach for everyone (even if you're a newbie at mindfulness)

...but they DO depend on you taking step-by-step action.

Actions that leverage your deepest desires, your strengths, and new strategies that need to be repeated to rewire your brain to maintain your momentum. 

Developing and maintaining powerful daily habits is one of my secret weapons for keeping my life balanced, happy and just the way I want it without the need to overcomplicate it. I use 2 different forms of “self-talk” that I’ll teach you to use for more positivity in your life.

As a busy clinician and health professional, you experience stress, distress and grief in response to your clients’ suffering. If left unexamined, may adversely interfere with living a powerful and healing life. And if you’re still with me, then I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to my step-by-step system that will program your mind for more focus, love, laughter & joy…


mockups-4 Pro-Mind Experience

The powerful step-by-step system that GUARANTEES you will shift, grow and lead a more balanced and authentic life by leveraging simplified and evidence-based strategies to help you maximize change that withstand the test of time. Isn’t it time you heal YOUR life?

After 25 years of helping people manage their health and mindset through diverse roles in the health and personal development industry, I’ve developed a streamlined proven process that works for…

  • Health Practitioners who are ready to get unstuck and grow, but don’t have a powerful system in place yet, let alone the motivation. 
  • Health Practitioners who are tired of wasting precious time and energy, getting overwhelmed with all the same advice that leaves them more confused than when they started in their profession. 
  • Health Practitioners, who despite being in therapy, have failed to gain momentum on what they KNOW is going to help them gain traction to heal their own lives. And…
  • Health Practitioners, who despite the temporary setbacks in life, recognize that they want to keep their minds busy on something that will help them go beyond their present self to be healthier and more balanced.

The Result Is…
The easy-to-follow, 6-Module ProMind™️ Experience that gives you not only powerful experiences, but a crystal clear “roadmap”, to tackling fear, indecision and doubt in all areas of your life. The reward of renewed self-confidence, personal healing, and a richer authenticity is worth the effort. 


here is


Screen-Shot-2020-01-09-at-9.00.44-AM-ojfnki56gw9mq967i6ftq741lyv7p8ky37vqgbmawe Pro-Mind Experience

Module 1. Setting Up Your Game Plan

Real change starts with preparation.  

In this module, we’ll work to shift from feelings of internal conflict, overwhelm, and stress to confidence, success,  and high performance.  

Using strategies and techniques, we’ll set-up your  game plan to get you working toward Satori’s 5-stages for peak performance.

Module 2. Getting To Know Yourself

Are you ready to dive into your psyche? 

In this module, we’ll work to assess your personal and    professional needs so that you can shift into a place of deeper awareness and focus.  

Using the following metaphor “you can’t clean-up the dirt if you can’t see it”, we’ll dig deep into old wounds to shift out of them.

Module 3. I AM: Building An Authentic Self

Real change starts with a creating a new story and that starts by analyzing what you say to yourself.

In this module, we’ll work to shift from feelings of rejection, confusion, and stress, towards confidence, success, and high performance.  

Using proven techniques and strategies we’ll work toward personal discovery and how to operate from a new  emotional state, as opposed to running an old subconscious one that’s deeply embedded in old perceptions.

Integration Week Bonus Module - Rinse & Repeat For A Paradigm Shift

This module is for the keeners in the group. Personal transformation comes from facing your fears. These bonus lessons are for the keeners in the group who want to step-up their personal work. 

The best way to face those is to test your new story and implementation strategies.  But often times, the best of intentions still put us in a position of failure. Why is that? What do you keep falling into?

In this modules, we continue to create your ideal life, while testing out new strategies that will help you reinforce your own paradigm shift. The only way to make those changes is to keep trying to reach your goals and live out your highest intent 

Module 4. Mastering The Art Of Creating A Pro-Mind

Have you ever felt like changing is just too difficult? Don’t stop now. Make it happen!

In this module, we’ll dig into your strategy, and strengths, to create a fail-proof system for you so you can be happy. This is regardless of challenges and circumstances. 

Using a proven MindMapping technique, by the end of  this module, you’ll have a generated ideas, reminders and prompts that will give you your own action plan to heal potential burnout and shift overwhelm entirely. 

Module 5. Using Advanced Mindfulness Strategies

The key to engaging and long-term success is knowing how to create different results. 

In this module, you’ll learn advanced techniques and strategies to add to your toolkit such as what meditation can do for you, and how to position yourself to avoid stress and overwhelm to keep your body in equilibrium.  

Using proactive stress management can be your biggest Pro-Mind booster in connected your mind with your body. 

Module 6 - Integrating The Self

The key to engaging the new you is understanding the inner psyche, your shadows & the many archetypes of the human personality.

In this module, you’ll discover how to move forward and integrate the growth, and new personas, for healthy change and renewal.  

Using a meditative exploration of 4 main archetypes; the lover, the magician, the warrior, and the hero;  we’ll work toward connecting your many selves, and build the ultimate trust in yourself so you always have the answers within.

When you enroll in

The Pro-Mind™ Experience
You'll get:

The Innovative Pro-Mind™️ Experience

($2997 Value)

Over 50 Lessons Delivered Over 6 Powerful Modules

In The ProMind Experience I’ve built a suite of short courses. You’ll get a module every week, which turns out to be a lesson a day that offers you simple strategies to program you to take daily action towards a different way of showing-up in the world, with yourself, your loved ones, and your colleagues.

These Modules Also Include Some Engaging Cheat Sheets

I’m handing you all the templates, outlines, and formulas that we’ve tested for peak performance with prior launches. There are cheat cheats for creating goals, creating routines, living in your power, and building a new you. So, I’ve watched health practitioners go through Pro-Mind™ without doing the work, and without attending the group sessions and they did not get the same results. 

The ProMind™️ Experience “Breakthrough Coaching” Group Sessions

In addition to the 6 Modules, lessons, and cheatsheets, you get 5 Live, recorded, “hot seat” breakthrough coaching sessions. This provides the momentum you need. We’ll show you how to get into action with high-performance tactics that could add back hundreds of dollars to your monthly revenue and save you from a devastating sick leave.

The Mindful Clinician Community. 

Inside our Xperiencify program platform you get a FREE community, to help you take action, learn faster, build momentum and maintain balance. ** This community will only grow, and YOU are the “founding members” that will create a ripple effect in the health care industry everywhere around the world. 


To build your stress-management system, and get you a quick-win, you’ll have Three training videos available right away for each of the 3 prominent areas necessary to build a solid stress-management system. Together we create your Unique Roadmap to more motivation. 

I want you to envision sharing the message with your clients. This bonus is all about the Train the Trainer Model as well as boosting you with additional tools. 

Your success is going to rely upon you applying the system I teach you in Pro-Mind. There’s no better way in my view, than to be teaching what you learned. Your clients are going to benefit so much from this Bonus. 


When you add up all that I’m offering you, there’s a total real-world value of over $3000…

but because I’m so proud and excited to invite you into the Mindful Clinician community, and the ProMind Experience™, I’m offering you the opportunity to enroll TODAY through your health facility at no cost to you.

Here's Why You Need To Join The Pro-Mind™ Experience

We all wish we could do a complete overhaul of our lives, and just fix things right away. To be serving our highest good at all times, and be the best version of ourselves to attract the right moments & people.

The truth is, it takes “work”, and training, to be at our best at all times. Sometimes we need to take stock of where we’re at TODAY and resolve to take different action that will get us to where we really want to be. Otherwise, same old habits stagnate yet another amazing year of our lives.

I know I have the advice and strategies that could turn your entire life around.

Which is why I created The Pro-Mind™ Experience in the first place. I want you to walk into your next workday with CONFIDENCE…proud of the momentum you have in all areas of your life. And I want you to pat yourself on the back for the decision you made today.

What my clients and students have experienced...

unnamed Pro-Mind Experience

Dave's Story

Dave was a retired Navy Officer. He was still working for other people, but it was always considered an extra part-time job. He was also trading on the stock market. Dave commited to not only getting more organized with his system – but really getting clear (and going after) the right amount of money for him. He learned to set goals, and reach a bit higher, and not get stuck in the “retired” mindset that he was in. Today, he has pushed through on his future goals and is in a full-time carpentry program. GoDave!

tools-498202_640 Pro-Mind Experience
unnamed Pro-Mind Experience

Cindy's Story

Cindy works a busy schedule as an ICU nurse, but she also pushes herself hard athletically. She felt by enrolling in Pro-Mind, and learning Vedic Meditation, she’d get a boost in energy, performance and mental clarity. As a busy health practitioner, a mom, and a wife, she got just that! Cindy finally learned new ways to add quality time with her family. She’s now meditating daily and is feeling more balanced in other areas of her life. She appreciates the love of going inward, as well as giving to others! GoCindy!

natalya-zaritskaya-144626-768x512 Pro-Mind Experience
unnamed Pro-Mind Experience

Sylvie's Story

Sylvie worked in a busy geriatric unit and felt she needed a program that would help her connect with herself, and what she wanted and needed. She didn’t really know what that was at the time of joining Pro-Mind. Sylvie feels that the program gave her a new way of relating with the world around her. She is more mindful and pays more attention to her needs as a result. In fact, Sylvie feels the program was “transformational”. Go Sylvie!

SSS-Bday-Giveaway-24-ol2sbpe7edxr0axz0jnxxwnn8mm53dohgdfk0mdj7s Pro-Mind Experience

So tell me, what would life look like if...

th Pro-Mind Experience

Our typical 90-Day Pro-Mind™/The Pro-Mind Experience Guarantee IS NOT IN EFFECT with this hospital-wide promotion. Our company is dedicated to helping you change your life.

Billing Terms and Refund Policy: When you purchase a Lifetime membership to The ProMind Experience: How to Shift, Grow and Lead A More Balanced & Authentic Life through a hospital-wide initiative you will not personally be charged.  There are no hidden fees or payments. This is a non-refundable offer.

If you would like to speak to a Member Services Representative, please call +1 250-884-7224 (international) between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (PT) Monday through Friday. (All sales are in U.S. dollars.)

If you are purchasing outside of the US, Canada, EU, or Australia, please note that you must use a VISA, Mastercard, or American Express card that accepts international purchases.


If you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise to help you shift and grow, we’ll happily help you get results. We definitely want to make sure this is the right investment for you. We’re only here to serve the customers we are well suited for. We firmly stand behind the integrity and value of this program and our reputation as a leader in this industry.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We’ll ask for your completed course work (to make to sure you give it a go) and ask what didn’t work for you (so we can learn and improve) and help you work through the program to get you results.



If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please contact us. 

The program Pro-Mind / The Pro-Mind Experience is a digital product. 

After you notify your manager and they fulfill the terms of the contract, you will get instant access to the members-only area with some of the bonus course content. Simply check your email for system access &/or follow-up with your Human Resources Dpt.