Lynn Chenier Bio | Health, Mindset & Meditation Expert

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Professional Bio

Lynn Chénier, RN MA

Lynn is one of the sharpest health & mindset experts in her field. She studied a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and received a Minor in Women’s Studies from McMaster University. Her work as a nurse offered her positions with world-renowned hospitals and health departments. Lynn’s clinical experience is expansive. She has worked in Psychiatry & Adolescent Medicine, Labour & Delivery,  Emergency Sexual Assault Services and Population Health/Health Promotion to name a few.  This provides her a diversity that supports clients in an evidence-based manner to achieve any health and wellness goal.    

Lynn later pursued a Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, where her studies were cut short from a severe motor vehicle crash that landed her in a coma for weeks, requiring multiple units of blood and a resuscitation at the hands of gifted health professionals.

Today, Lynn serves as a member of the Board of Directors of The Victoria Brain Injury Society, and loves to serve her local community.   

Lynn pursued Graduate Studies at The University of Toronto/Ontario Institute For Studies In Education. Lynn’s Thesis research, Food Democracy & The Construction of Risk in The Canadian and U.K. Media, allowed her to dive deeply into her passion for environmental studies and education. Building a sustainable food system that protects our environment, sustains farmers, while also nourishing our families, involves a great deal of collaboration across many systems!

She later pursed Strategic Coach Training with The Robbins-Madanes Institute and has formed a coaching and consulting business in 2016. During this time, she has loved putting together unique  local workshops and programs to help people manage their stress with peak performance strategies, and she’s reconnected with her community of health practitioners. Lynn has recently launched an online coaching program, The Pro-Mind Experience. She empowers health practitioners to manage their stress and create lives that have better balance and freedom. 

The Pro-Mind Experience does this in a step-by-step fashion while helping practitioners tap-into their true authentic selves. At the same time, they’re working towards achieving constant “breakthroughs”- the crux of Strategic Intervention coaching. 

A big fan of high-vibe living and hanging-out with her daughter, Soleil, whom she had as a solo mother, through a fertility donor, has taught her about love, gratitude, patience and human potential. Her love for the lakes and the ocean is manifested regularly through a good paddle on the lake. And her passion for great wine, cheese and craft beers will never die, along with trying out every bakery in town!

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Her ultimate joy is creating a life that boosts her soul’s purpose…and that involves taking her students and clients along the journey with her.

She’s discovered that building her own ‘dream’ Health & Wellness coaching and consulting business involved BEING TRUE & HONEST WITH HER CLIENTS. She’s real and as authentic as she can be.

Lynn has not only recovered from tragedy, but has applied the same strategies she teaches, and considers her clients as ‘members’.

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