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It All Started With The Initials "RN"

Hey, I’m Lynn A Chénier. Budding coffee roaster, and   mindset coach extraordinaire. I live & breath personal development and meditation. I believe that in order to achieve happiness, and get what you want out of life, you need to understand the inner-workings of the mind, in order to properly reprogram old patterns. 

Health & mindset expert

My story really began the moment I graduated from nursing. 

I received my BScN, with a Minor in Women’s Studies, from McMaster University. My positions started in Psychiatry & Adolescent Medicine, Emergency Sexual Assault Services and Population Health/Health Promotion, and eventually went onto Labour & Delivery nursing.

The demands of shift work required top-notch personal awareness, so I meditated twice daily. It became my super power & it’s why I’m dedicated to teaching this same methodology to my clients and students. Meditation provided me a resiliency that supports me today. My thirst for knowledge and research led me to pursue graduate studies.

Then I hit this pivotal moment early-on in my graduate studies where I felt I needed more. I applied to the doctor of chiropractic program and was accepted.

My journey at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College began, but was cut-short from a severe motor vehicle crash – that landed me in a coma for weeks, requiring multiple units of blood and a resuscitation at the hands of gifted health professionals.

This is the part of my story that reminds me of my FAITH, GRIT & insane amounts of DETERMINATION.  I eventually recovered enough to re-open the door to graduate school, and pursued one of my biggest passions – academia.


Thriving In Grad School.

I pursued a Masters in Sociology & Equity Studies from The University of Toronto/Ontario Institute For Studies In Education. My graduate research, Food Democracy & The Construction of Risk in The Canadian and U.K. Media, allowed me to dive into my passion for environmental studies, food security, the public understanding of science (highly relevant today!), and the broader definitions of education.

Building a sustainable food system that protects our environment, sustains farmers, while also nourishing our families, involves a great deal of collaboration across many systems!

Coaching for Health Practitioners Who Want to Thrive

After wrapping-up grad school, I started trading on the stock market more seriously. Managing my RSP portfolio was always a passion. I decided to pursue it on a deeper level. This pushed me to evaluate my mindset on a daily basis, while challenging my analytical skills to no end!


that I missed nursing and client work as much as I did. There was a sense of loss I couldn’t figure-out, initially. I later pursed Strategic Coach Training with The Robbins-Madanes Institute, & formed a coaching and consulting business. Yet I was still unsure of my demographics. 

During this time of discovery, I loved putting together unique local workshops and programs to help people manage their stress with peak performance strategies, and I eventually reconnected with my community of health practitioners.

My goal is to help health practitioners make their lives amazing by managing stress…and doing it in a fun way.

I recently launched an online coaching program, The Pro-Mind Experience. I empower health practitioners to manage their stress, and create lives that have better balance and freedom. 

Meanwhile, practitioners also tap-into their true authentic selves, working towards achieving constant “breakthroughs”.

The program was first tested in a beta, and grew to a dynamic experiential workplace health program – to give Hospital staff the systems and strategies they need to be healthy and happy, and recover more quickly from stress… IN A FUN & EXCITING WAY TOO!

CONTRIBUTION I recently served a 2-year term as a member of the Board of Directors of The Victoria Brain Injury Society. The time came where I knew I needed to focus my efforts elsewhere. I discovered that building my own ‘dream’ Health & Wellness coaching and consulting business involved BEING TRUE & HONEST WITH MY CLIENTS. I’m real and as authentic as can be, and it shines through in Satori’s signature program.  

High-vibe living.
Personal time Manifesting. Love, gratitude & patience.
Helping you find your superpower


Bandaid fixes.
Going non-stop. Bad coffee. Bullsh*t  Inauthenticity.


“I HAVE A DEEPLY HIDDEN and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life.”




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