The ProMind Experience™ 
Common Question & Answers

Here are some questions asked before enrolling in any of
my digital programs.

Great question!! I created The Pro-Mind™ Experience with you in mind.

There are 6 modules, delivered over 7 weeks, so if you did 1 a week, you’d be finished the program in 2 months. You can break it down to doing 1 lesson/day. That said, if you’re a Netflix binge watcher, you could finish a module in a day. 

The best part: Not only is The Pro-Mind™ Experience a “go at your own pace” course, but you have lifetime access, which means you’ll not only receive additional updates, you can come back to it at anytime (and revisit any strategy as your life evolves!).

Our Mantra-Style Meditation program, is a 4-lesson program, as part of our Mantra Studio. You can join in our monthly groups or do the self-paced version.

Upon purchase, you will get an email with your username and password to the course. There you will see any bonuses that were offered at enrolment.

On the selected start date, you will find Module 1: video & audio as well as exercises, action steps, and worksheets (if they are needed for the module). You can watch them on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer whenever you want.

** We enrol at select dates throughout the calendar year, which you’ll be notified by email once you enrol, along with coaching dates. 

Yes! If you signed-up for The Pro-Mind™ Experience then you will get a set # of group coaching sessions, depending upon your workplace.

How it works is they’ll be offered over the 7 weeks with the first session just around the beginning of Module 1. The group sessions are delivered online through, recorded and available to watch within a few hours. You can ask me any question related to the content or strategy in that coaching session, and even submit your question ahead of time.

There is no coaching to our Vedic Meditation course. 

Honestly, this is an extremely thorough and comprehensive program – we’d be surprised if you had questions on the course content directly.

Having said that, if you join at a time when group coaching sessions are included, you will be able to submit your personal coaching questions prior to the coaching session. 

While this is a self-study course, don’t forget you also have access to our wonderful  Facebook community of like-minded action takers who have put these lessons into motion/practice for themselves. It is a open forum to start conversations, ask questions, make connections, and support each other! This community is invaluable – take advantage :).

If you are a workplace, by all means, head here for ‘Pro-Mind™ Enterprise’ . 

If you are registering from a webinar that is geared to health professionals, read on.

Satori’s The Pro-Mind™Experience offers an inter-disciplinary community with different perspectives, from Registered Health Professionals across several fields. If you did not train as a Health Professional, but consider yourself a part of a health care team, please join us. It’s imperative that the group providing accountability and mentorship to one another  shares in similar personal and professional values.

We’ve had people of all backgrounds in this program get results – from brand new to personal development to seasoned veterans of stress-management. That said, if you’re reading this and you think you have all of this put in place, you can email me at [email protected] for information on our 1:1 work where we’d love to support you directly.

Modalities like CBT or MBSR are quite similar to what we will be doing.

No matter what headspace you’re in, The Pro-Mind™ Experience is an all encompassing online stress management blueprint that covers your story, your needs, subconscious programming, strategy, goal setting, relationship-building and passion patterns, personal clarity – you name it. It’s completely customizable no matter where you are at in your life (even if you are just getting started on your journey of going within).

The Pro-Mind™ Experience is rooted in mindfulness, but also offers a multitude of different strategies to create breakthroughs for many different types of people. The Pro-Mind™ Experience is incredibly empowering to who you are – authentically. Each Module builds on the other. If you feel that the master motivator Tony Robbins can help you, than consider this program one that can help you too since I trained through his school, Robbins-Madanes. 

If you feel things will never change, you will have 2 boosts to help you through that: Mentorship and Accountability.

Here’s the honest truth (cause I hate BS!). This program works if you do the work. Period. If I gave you a recipe to make chocolate cake, it would make chocolate cake. The only missing component is YOU making it. I only like to work with action takers who are serious and committed to their own person growth/success as much as we are committed to their success. Having said that, due to the fact that it is a digital product, where you receive access to content weekly, along with a number of worksheets to guide you (to extend your application of the knowledge!), we do offer personal refunds, NOT Corporate refunds however. You have to show me you’ve applied all the work.

We know this course works if you apply it (Feel free to check out my testimonials and do your own research) –  so let’s just be straight up. If you’re in The Pro-Mind™ Experience, you’re in. We want you to be fully happy with your investment so if you have any questions if this is the right fit for you or have any doubts before purchase, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll make sure you do what’s best for you.

Remember this: your spouse wants the best for you and might feel discouraged by your past efforts. Your spouse will also support a program that will enable them to reap the benefits of your transformation too. If you discuss, honestly, and passionately, what you feel this program can do for you – tap into who you are, authentically, to be more present for your husband and family making you happier and healthier – your family might be more inclined to getting on-board. 

You partner may not trust in the program, or in Satori. So get them on-board by having them listen to our podcast! In fact, you can listen together. Always consider the other persons needs in this circumstance. What do they need to know and feel to get on-board with any additional expenditures? We have a lesson on the 6 human needs that will benefit everyone in the family! And what will be the return of investment for them?

The Vedic Meditation program can be purchased on its own, or it’s offered as a “bonus” inside of The Pro-Mind™ Experience.

Meditation is the fertilizer that facilitates the brain’s development. This form of meditation has over 600 peer-reviewed research articles to prove its benefits to creativity, stress management, control of diabetes, athletic performance, academic performance, boost in Intellectual Function etc…It works if you put in the time to properly train yourself to use the mantra, as I do inside the meditation course.

Meditation not only helps you in your journey of personal discovery but helps you to manage overload differently, so that you get different results. Mentoring is key here and you get the live support from the group and myself.

Above all, you need to put in the time and be an action taker to get different results in your life. So yes! this will work for anyone who meditates daily for 20-minutes at a time.

Meditation is is not a religion or faith. It’s a practice of closing your eyes and using a word, called a mantra. This mantra is assigned to you by your teacher, me. If you don’t want to use the mantra assigned to you, I encourage you to select a mantra that is a sound with no significance. Vedic Meditation is the most evidenced-based meditation with over 600 peer-reviewed articles with benefits ranging across all areas of health and wellness. You are not obligated to do this bonus, however. I teach the exact same process I learned in Transcendental Meditation, 20 years ago, that has allowed me to manage difficult shift work as well as physical pain and exhaustion.

Lynn Chenier, MA

Hello Lovely,  I’m Lynn!

I’ve spent twenty years as a health care professional for several institutions. I learned to meditate twenty years ago, and it’s my secret weapon.  I know what makes a nurse tick, a teacher successful, and what creates success in people’s lives, as well as the mistakes that’ll get you the feeling of “I’m missing something in my life” and/or a hard response of “I’m divorcing you”.   

Throughout the years, I’ve received tons of questions from people wanting to know why they’re just not happy. Unfortunately all I ever felt inclined to say to them is the dreaded “you’re creating your own misery”. This made me feel badly! But this was in part because I knew I had advice and strategies that could turn their entire life around. The thing is, I believe people truly want to be healthy, and happy. But they were often blocked by old patterns and subconscious beliefs. These beliefs can weigh people down.

Which is why I created The Pro-Mind Experience. In this program, you don’t just learn the keys to living the life of your dreams – but you get to experience it….along with a few more of my juicy secrets! I offer you tried and tested psychological, scientific and spiritual principles to tune-in to your true authentic self.   The groovy part of all this? Clients have shifted their lives in just a matter of weeks!

Join me and I’ll walk you through, Step-By-Step, the proven strategies that have changed my client’s lives… that made them and their partners proud!

Are you ready to have some fun as you learn to live from the soul? Let’s get ‘er going!