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Are you the Law Firm, Legal Representative or Case Manager of a Personal Injury client?  

The current settlement process can have a negative impact on the recovery of your personal injury clients.  It affects client’s relationships, and often leads them feeling isolated. This isolation continues long after settlement as well.


As a Law Firm, Legal Representative or Case Manager to an injured party, you owe it to your client to ensure they receive the care they deserve. You want them to move forward from the injury and the claims process with the best possible chance for success.

Your client is faced with a complex process of recovery, and it’s demanding! Injuries affect people’s Quality Of Life, and the lives of everyone they love. These can even be dramatic and lifelong.

Coaching as part of a treatment plan for Personal Injury helps you, the lawyer, build your case that much further. My coaching program, The Gift(™), is unique and offers the opportunity to work with the client for an extended period of 6-months, with extension options. Shorter programs are offered too.

We explore  values, beliefs, and needs in a way far more in-depth than most rehab practitioners, who simply check-in when something is required. 

I can add value to their case by exploring the daily struggles. I may also act as a liaison between Case Managers, The Law Team, and Medical Team.  All this information is shared with you, to help you build a solid personal injury claim for your client, and mine.



In my 6-month premium program, clients are offered sessions with my own Allied Health Professionals team. This helps clients to stay on track with treatments after settlement, rather than falling through the cracks and being isolated. It happens!! 

By providing clients the support from a member outside the litigation and rehab circle, clients feel they have a sense of ownership over their recovery VS being told who to see. 

I not only offer coaching in The Gift, but also provide meditation instruction and energy healing. Energy healing and meditation allow the body to heal itself by reducing the amount of stress hormone, cortisol, from being released. This helps regulate your mood, slows your heart and breath, and can even regulate blood sugars by giving your pancreas a break.  The Gift offers a holistic team approach through Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Nutrition Support, as well as a consultation with a Financial Advisor. 

By setting-up a treatment plan for long-term coaching in the first 12-18 months, you are enabling your client to achieve better rehab outcomes through regular and consistent support. 

Equally valuable is just prior to settlement. This can provide an opportunity for the insurer to pay for coaching. And the client has a great chance to relearn fundamental human needs that allow them to contribute to society. 

It’s best to take a formal meditation class in order to understand the basic techniques. Once your clients have that, sitting for a regular daily meditation, eyes closed, will be a starting point. 

I’ve experienced the challenges of a lengthy personal injury claim. I’ve also experienced high quality legal representation. Having said that, I still faced many challenges. Today, I can communicate this to the clients in ways a Case Manager or Legal Clerk can’t.  Your clients would be provided the ideal nurturance, guidance and space to get off to a good start. 

My nursing and health educator background offers the adult teaching-learning principles required to meet clients where they’re at, and help them with gaps in understanding. Often times, clients won’t adhere to treatments because they don’t understand the value of them. I’m here to shift all that, in a Strategic way. 

These are evidence-based outcomes for clients who learn proper technique from a trained meditation instructor. 

Reverse Engineering is a style of goal setting and planning which I use with all my clients. Together, we evaluate where we want to go and back track in very simple steps. 

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Lynn's consistent energy & belief in my potential, gave me the necessary support to relearn my basic needs, as well as how to honour those needs - and MY SELF - once again. She guided me to envision a vibrant future, which is now coming true.
Lynn P. Victoria, BC
owner of a green cleaning company
Lynn's approach to meditation is open and selfless. I've never met someone so interested in the human condition, and how to navigate it. Her enthusiasm to share and grow is boundless.
Kathleen D. Victoria, BC
Registered Nurse


Satori Health & Wellness Coaching is a boutique health & wellness coaching practice. We take a team approach to help your clients move forward after injury.




We also serve the Busy Professional, and the workplace environment. 

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I’m Lynn Chenier. I operate a Premium Health & Wellness practice with roots in Mindfulness, Meditation, and Strategic Intervention. I love baking, taking adventures, hiking + the beach, along with raising my witty 6 year old Soleil. Let’s Chat!

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