Why Do I Fear Pain? Some thoughts on the fight or flight pattern.

It’s ok to be afraid once in a while, because having fear is a normal part of life. Fear protects us. Fear may even fulfill a need. Having fear that is paralyzing is different story, however! I’m here to help you unravel your story about pain, to help you move towards better understanding and life fulfillment.

My coaching teacher, Tony Robbins, says we must embrace the fear, and “dance” with it.

Here are two important questions to ask yourself:

1) What are you most afraid of? and,
2) What are you even more afraid of?

For me, I’m afraid of pain – the physiological sensation of pain. Yup, I’m truly afraid to feel pain. And what I’m even more afraid of…is to not recover from that pain. I’m afraid I’ll be unable to manage my life, and my most important and joyful duties, because at one point in my life I was unable to manage.

If you’re not familiar with My Story, you should know that I experienced a terrible car accident back in 2004, and it was this accident that changed everything in my life forever. 

By revealing these two important things to myself, I’m able to explore what holds me back in life.

Do you need a little help in this area? Connect with us.

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