We’ve redefined stress management. And not only to get you results, but to get you the community, and systems, you need to for long-term changes. 

So you need stress-management. Your current choices are to: a) join a boring CBT, or talk-therapy  program, that does nothing to showcase who you are on the inside, and what you really desire, or b) keep doing what you’re doing running on auto-pilot, letting stress attack your body and affect your quality of life… only to slide into your sheets at night (or in the morning) knowing you’re not living the life you love. Yes? No? And there’s the 3rd option c) Enter Pro-Mind™, an experience to enrich your life.

Throw-out everything you know about stress management: this is a 6-module digital program tailored for folks like you, who need a system that works so you can connect with your authentic self. Simply, I give you all the tools and strategies you need, in a step-by-step way, so you can manage all aspects of your life, and merge the heart with the mind, giving you a sense of personal control….so you can feel a whole lot happier. And manage stress!

Pro-Mind™ has all the impact and intention of a one-on-one program…but with a community of like-minded health practitioners, at a fraction of the cost, ready for you right now.


Meet the Life Strategist

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Lynn Chénier, a big-hearted, energetic and compassionate coach and healer on a mission to change lives through evidence-based health strategies like mindfulness, meditation, nutrition and mind-set management.

Founder of The School Of Health, Mindfulness & Spirituality, she developed and delivers online interventions to help health practitioners, and the corporate environment, to manage stress and burnout. 

She helps people manage their stress by giving them a system, which is now available online, Pro-Mind. Having been in the health industry for +25 years where Lynn held numerous positions in teaching hospitals, she understands the pressures that health professionals experience daily. 

She’s a coach by accident, a writer by purpose, and a lifelong fan of learning how people address their personal health, as well as their physical and psychological habits.  



the program

Create a more balanced life through The Pro-Mind Experience, a step-by-step system that takes only 20-minutes per day to apply. Learn to merge the mind & the heart.

satori radio

 A podcast about the connection between the mind & the body, clearing the path to leading a healthy and soulful life.

create a supermind

Learn to meditate with ease, and apply the most powerful tool to manage stress, create a happy life, and prevent any further damage from our busy lifestyle. 

praise for satorI & PRo-MIND

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I’m Lynn Chenier. I operate a Premium Health & Wellness practice with roots in Mindfulness, Meditation, and Strategic Intervention. I love baking, taking adventures, hiking + the beach, along with raising my witty 7 year old Soleil. Let’s Chat!

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