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5-Week Stress Management group For Healthcare leaders

Laser-Focused Sessions FOR STRESS MANAGEMENT

Say goodbye to stressful leadership frustrations and hello to newfound wellbeing. Designed to support busy Healthcare Leaders, these sessions will help YOU refocus and be more productive with like-minded leaders. Led by life strategist, meditation teacher and nurse, Lynn Chénier, RN, MA

Meet us on Zoom every Saturday morning from 9-9:30am PST April 6th - May 11th, 2024







Skill Level

30 min

CLASS Duration



Nurse Leaders

Are you approaching your time-off with excitement and fatigue? Do you struggle with managing your stress on & off the job?

If you’re looking for a solution to managing stress amidst a busy executive schedule, I can help!

Let me kick-start your weekends, starting Saturday @ 9am PST, April 6th to May 11th, 2024 


Brief sessions are an easy way to help overcome the common challenges of being a healthcare leader

You will also get help to take time-out without guilt and that will help you gain the insight required for professional growth. These self-care development sessions are an effective way to build stronger support within your leadership group, so you reclaim the joy of leadership and take your performance to the next level. 

With 5 short zoom sessions, you can receive powerful and effective performance coaching from the comfort of your office. Here’s what we’ll cover: 

Week 1: Taking Time-Out (Without The Guilt)
Week 2: Using Gratitude For Stress Management
Week 3: Building Strong Relationships
Week 4: Freedom From Negativity
Week 5: Connect with Your Future Selfs

About The Instructor

Lynn discovered the benefits and challenges of keeping up with a daily self-care practice. With a background in nursing, mindfulness and meditation, Lynn continues to apply these strategies each day to maintain her health, and personal growth. Lynn is grateful and honoured to share her experiences and stress management strategies with you.


Years in Business

My years in nursing combined with coaching and daily meditation offers you breadth and depth.


Students Served

With this many years in nursing, coaching, reiki, and teaching meditation, I've served many.


Coffees per day

As a coffee roaster and a lover of the coffee bean's divine mysteries, I pace myself with Half-Decaf.

questions about our sessions

Let me help you!

I will teach you the basics of managing your stress. These are laser-focused stress management techniques that will incorporate the proven stress management strategies across many fields. Due to the brief nature of the sessions,  we are unable to practice meditation. We will start with building an awareness of the breath and how to slow down the brain. 

Because life gets busy…because it is best to take a bit of practice….because it takes time to get used to stopping, and because we all need to understand the basic techniques and science behind what we’re doing, I created these brief sessions.

The main objective in this course is to quiet the mind, and bring greater peace using different strategies each week.  We support you in achieving your goals to overcome the common challenges of being a nurse leader. This allows you to connect with yourself and your purpose in life to help you get the most out of your day.

We all have the same 24 hours in the day, you just need to set aside a half an hour for yourself, for 5 weeks. 

This will also teach your teammates about self-care. 

While I want you to be a part of the group to support other leaders, not everyone shares the exact same schedule. I will gladly provide the link to our session that can be viewed for a short period. 

Because variety is one of our 6 basic human needs, I encourage you to buy a special organic coffee bean, or your favourite tea or Kombucha, that’s just for Saturday mornings. 🙂