Become a Top Healthcare Employer With The ProMind Experience

Easily Help Your Nurses Build A Plan For Personal Development & Optimal Health

A fun and interactive hospital program, run over 7-weeks, supports your corporate wellness and nursing retention strategy. The ProMind Experience helps nurses tap-in their greatest strengths and deliver better patient care.


Collaborative care + Systems approach = Healthier outcomes that last

Health practitioners use The ProMind Experience to simplify their self-care, grow their health practice, and improve their personal and professional lives. 

Grow your team. Make wellness more attainable -> 


"this program changed my mindset"

I’d been to a life coach in the past to help me manage my personal issues, but I felt like I needed a different process. Pro-Mind™ offered me everything I needed and more. The group coaching offered me so much insight, and I learned from others that I wasn’t the only one struggling with the same issues. Thank you Lynn for your guidance and faith in us”


The Solution. A Complete Step-by-Step Program To Help Staff:


The ProMind Experience™

The gamified 6-module, mission-focused, program gets health professionals off the stressed-out treadmill, in 7 weeks or less, to live healthy and balanced lives and move forward to become Mindful Clinicians. 

A Dedicated Team Working For You

Practitioners on our Strategic Coaching Advisory Team support you and your staff with a steady stream of professionally-diverse backgrounds, and protocols. We believe this enhances the support to your frontline throughout the program, and afterwards.
Weekly team meetings and progress updates offer integrated care and keep your nurses engaged in the program during and after The ProMind Experience.

the Pro-mind experience™, unlike anything out there, was built for optimal engagement

A Gamified Platform Engages Adults 10-30x More

We include 8 of the most powerful psychological triggers, ideas, and techniques from the fields of gamification, adult learning and the app, gaming, and gambling industry. This gets us 10-30x more student engagement. That gives you the results you need for your clinicians to reach their health and personal development goals.  

Finally, the timing has arrived to easily engage nurses

The ProMind Experience™ was built to retain nurses

Frequently Asked Questions

And Our Most Common Objections!

We don't have a budget

We have a payment plan that will suit all healthcare institutions willing to invest in their frontline. 

We'll never get buy-in from our busy staff

Let us do the heavy lifting. Our easy 4-step onboarding experience will take care of that! 

“How do you ensure our employees will finish the program?”

Pro-Mind™Experience was created with engagement, and momentum in mind. It’s also not necessary… to finish the program to effect ++  changes. We can tell you more about that in the demo.

It's just not the right time...union negotiations, hiring of new staff, and...

It might never feel like the right time. Investing in our system is insurance that your staff will stick with you through the tough times. On-boarding is easy and we engage all stakeholders to get organizational buy-in. 

Do you like what you see? Then...



Schedule it

Let us understand your needs and identify if your organization is a good fit for The ProMind Experience. Can we help motivate your staff to take action towards improved health?


Love it

Let us captivate you for 30 minutes so you can get a better understanding of how our program drives personal success in health care practitioners. I guarantee you'll be happy to have invested your time.


Buy it

Our easy 4-step on-boarding process is the crucial element in the process of enrolling in our program. Let us support your teams and frontline providers today! And then you breathe.