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Satori's The ProMind Experience™, The Ultimate Coaching System For Health & Wellbeing

Our experiential coaching platform supports your teams in personal growth and well-being, in a step-by-step way over 7 weeks.

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The ProMind Experience™?

The ProMind Experience is the next evolution in your workplace retention solution.

Like most digital wellness programs, The ProMind Experience is the leading coaching platform designed according to the latest scientific research on behaviour change. Our 7-week interactive video-based personal development training program is meant to be run organizationally, as a large group, which enhances organizational culture in a impactful way.

It also coaches health professionals with effective tools and strategies to live healthy and balanced lives. Additional unique features have 
made it simple on purpose — so your staff can focus on taking action, without the overwhelm.  The platform is highly interactive, and our Multi-Disciplinary team engages with your staff – instead of just being a “self-directed lifestyle EAP program”. 

Whether you’re brand new to mindfulness, or established and ready to take-on bigger personal development goals,  The ProMind Experience™ will guide your staff to execute at a higher level. It’s designed to support your wellness and retention strategy and make it a force that fuels employee happiness, and motivation, in a step-by-step way towards becoming MindfulClinicians™.

Why You Should Enrol Your Staff In The ProMind Experience™?

The ProMind Experience is more than just coach training—it’s a transformative experience designed exclusively for health practitioners in the workplace. By enrolling your hospital teams in this unique 6-module training program, your staff will gain invaluable skills and join a supportive community of diverse, empowered health practitioners. 

WHEN Does the Pro-mind experience™ run

How is The ProMind Experience different from EAP benefits

How Is The ProMind Experience™ Delivered?

Created by Satori’s Founder, Lynn Chénier, RN, MA, The ProMind Experience is delivered virtually, through e-learning modules and lessons, as well as through group coaching.  

Team Satori supports the community and additional program features. 

Lynn Chenier | Director Satori Health & Wellness Coaching Ltd

Here's The Bottom Line

To retain qualified and amazing staff, and increase ROI, Satori's The ProMind Experience™ is the step-by-step system that supports your organization. Your employees will not only have fun, but also...

How Can I Join The ProMind Experience?™


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