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Providing a holistic approach to corporate wellness and nursing retention...

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The healthcare industry is facing disruption...

Are you a heart-centred healthcare leader looking for new ways to help your team move beyond stress, burnout, and other personal issues that keep them stuck?

As a Human Resources Representative or Clinical Leader to a team of high performing health practitioners, you owe it to your staff to ensure they remain healthy and balanced. The ProMind Experience ™ arms your employees with the right mindset strategies and personal development solutions to facilitate personal wellbeing and sustainable healthy habits. 


How Will It Feel To Know That You Have An Effective Way To Help Staff:


The ProMind Experience ™

Satori’s 6-Module mission-focused personal development and health coaching program gets health professionals off the stressed-out treadmill, in 7 weeks or less, to live healthy and balanced lives.

Become a top healthcare centre to work for by enrolling in The ProMind Experience™:

"this program changed my mindset"

I’d been to a life coach in the past to help me manage my personal issues, but I felt like I needed a different process. Pro-Mind™ offered me everything I needed and more. The group coaching offered me so much insight, and I learned from others that I wasn’t the only one struggling with the same issues. Thank you Lynn for your guidance and faith in us”


Let's get to know each other...

Hey, I'm Lynn. As a retired nurse, I learned the hard way that managing your mindset is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. You feel more engaged and motivated in your life - not to mention happier on the job. That's why I'm on a mission to empower health practitioners to do just that! I truly believe my job in this world is to work alongside leading hospital leaders to create powerful teams that have healthy mindsets.

Here's the thing, happier people make better decisions.

Are you against making a commitment to building health care teams that are happy, healthy and balanced??


Years in Business

Health & Wellness is my jam. I started as an RN.



From clients to communities, health care is my mission.


Coffees per day

A budding coffee roaster. I drink 1/2 Decaf.

Remember, the Promind experience™ is unlike anything out there

A Gamified Platform Engages Adults 10-30x More

We include 8 of the most powerful psychological triggers, ideas, and techniques from the fields of  gamification, adult learning and the app, gaming, and gambling industry. This gets us 10-30x more student engagement. That gives you the results you need for your clinicians to reach their health and personal development goals.  

Let's recap on what your staff will be able to do...

Through mindfulness and mindset strategies, staff gain energy and momentum to be balanced…

A mission-focused program is the easiest way to shape different thought patterns and rebalance. Repetition works to improve all areas of life…

Their new life plan is bursting with optimism, self-love, a supportive community and improved professional goals…

Say goodbye to fears, doubts and uncertainty. Hello to better mood, personal motivation & that new opportunity you wanted in the hospital..


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