The Pros And Cons Of A Reward System

Health Coaches like weighing the pros and cons to changing a behaviour. Good reward systems help us measure our success in our lives. If you reward yourself for achieving certain goals you assigned for yourself, you improve the chances of increasing your success rate.

Evaluating your behaviour can help identify your weakest points that deserve more attention, especially if you constantly fail. But reward systems do not mean that you have to punish yourself if you fail to reach your goals. It’s just a matter of analyzing what worked and what didn’t work.

Below we highlight the pros and cons for reward systems, and how good rewards systems can motivate you to live a better lifestyle and improve your mental and physical health.

The method of a good reward system is straight forward. If you succeed you will have something to look forward to, but if you fail, there won’t be any incentives for you. Creating a rewards system might help you stay motivated to some of the benefits to change.


You will improve your dignity if you continue to change and you may have a positive attitude towards life.
You will be encouraged to face other problems in your life instead of ignoring them.
You may be motivated to try out other things in life and succeed in them.
The more you reward yourself, the higher your self-esteem will grow.


You might be embarrassed with yourself for not reaching your goals and give-up on everything.
You will expect that not living up to your expectations is a natural thing.
You may become frustrated with life and blame others for not being successful.
You may be easily comforted with the idea that failure is an option.

As well, if you continue to fail in achieving the success you desire, you may see life as having personal grudges against you (eeks!), which will create low moral for you in future.

At the end of the day, it’s about monitoring yourself and your triggers. It’s about understanding the power of the subconscious mind when we weren’t aware. And establishing a good reward system is a part of the preparation phase in living a better lifestyle. Go to my next blog post, 5 Rewards To Stay Motivated, to help you along. 

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