What Comes Next After A Major Shift?

When you’re at the turn of a major life transition, it’s easy to sit in a place of disbelief, and hold yourself from moving forward. One often asks, “what’s next” for me?

First, I’m going to touch upon a prior post, My Top 5 Abraham Maslow Quotes, and rant a bit about why I feel Maslow and the idea of human needs (and human motivation), are so relevant. Maslow’s theory of human motivation states that people are largely motivated by the following: Physiological needs, Safety, Love/Belonging, Esteem, all the way up to Self-Actualization.

Once you begin to pay attention to what motivates you in life, you can learn have more compassion for yourself, because you’re not always running on auto-pilot.

Take a moment to reflect on your current life stage, or transition. What was important 10 years ago is likely not as important today. Right? That’s because your motivations changed.

Apply the same line of reasoning for what might be motivating you in your current circumstance? In this instance, I’ll ask you this: what is within your control that you might not be seeing? This is your life, afterall!

Suppose you’re in a place of great uncertainty at the moment, like you’re still in the middle of a divorce, custody battle, or personal injury claim.  It’s likely fair to say that you’re “on-hold” because you’ve been in this place for a long time. Perhaps you’ve been trying to change something and it’s just not changing. I get it because I’ve been in your shoes at some point. In the end, “the next steps” aren’t going to present themselves unless you know what’s motivating you to change it.

Here, I encourage you to apply the Human Needs Psychology model.

What The Heck Is A Human Needs Psychology Model?

This model was created by Tony Robbins. They are for Certainty, Uncertainty, Contribution, Significance, Growth, Love/Connection.

And suppose that you consider that we are all motivated by these 6 needs?

Can you shift the meaning you associate with the “next steps” in your life? Is the meaning of not knowing what comes next still scary? Can you embrace each day as an opportunity for uncertainty/adventure.  For a moment, can the daily uncertainty turn into a beautiful day filled with wonder and variety?

Here, I encourage you to make the choice to approach the transition with a new meaning.

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Love & Light, Lynn

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