What Might Be Standing In Your Way?


We continue from our previous article “What Would It Take” in order to create a Mindset Shift?

In that previous post, I instructed you to ask yourself the question over and over again until you where satisfied with the answer.

I also explained to you “What Would It take” for me to get to gym. The easiest answer I provided you was to drive myself to the gym, but when I do it that way, I do less working out and more chatting (I love to chat!!).

That post was based on my life and goals I had to reach.

The continuation from that post is, “What Is standing In Your Way?”. This is directed at those who fear challenging themselves to try new things. I used my story as an example on the previous post, but now I want to use examples that are directed to your life struggles. If you know the answers to “What Would It Take”?, then you can easily find out “What Is Standing In Your Way?”.


To be able to make any kind of adjustments to your thinking patterns, first identify what needs to change.

Your core values in life might be what needs tweaking here. Identify the goals that you find important. This will put you in a better position to identify any self-doubt. As well, look at the value systems that make you the type of person you are.

When you’re surrounded by negativity, or when you can’t face what is standing in your way, you will have difficulty achieving greater success. At that point, you need to redefine success. Perhaps “success” will be defined in a narrow way, and you’ll be lacking a positive and joyful life?

If you’re wanting to be more mindful of how to approach your life, and health, I’m here to help you find the answers! Don’t forget to check out my other blog posts, and our 6-week Art Of You package.

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