Why Blood Donation Is So Important To Me…

Today was a huge win! If you’ve not read any part of my story, I’ll give you the details briefly.

In 2004, my SUV was sideswiped at high speed and caused us to flip 5x across the highway. I lost my life, and was given a 2nd chance by an amazing human being. I was also given 12 units of donated blood – blood I said I would always return someday. Today, on my way out of Walmart, after shopping for Party Favours for my daughter’s 5th birthday, Canadian Blood Services was there asking if I wanted to donate. YES!!!!!!

I was so choked up. I set up an appointment for Thursday, July 25th, at 12pm right then and there. I’m finally beginning the journey to donating what was given to me, many years ago. This feels so good.

I always wished I could know the people who gave me that blood, and thank them.

I feel donating blood taps into the power of contribution on a more meaningful level, than donating money. When I’ve donated money, I never knew exactly where the money was going. I knew it would help an organization, a forest, an animal or a child in need. By donating blood, I’m giving something that can save a life, and it’s not costing me anything but my time.

This is a pretty good feeling for me; one that’s full circle. For readers of this post, tell me, have you ever donated blood before? What does it feel like? How often do you go? If you’re not eligible, have you ever considered having someone go in your place?

Happy trails…

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