Why I Loved The Law Firm Hired For Me

Why I Loved The Law Firm Hired For Me.

First off, I couldn’t hire them myself, because I was in a coma. Actually, I was probably in surgery as my dad was searching for the right law firm. But at the end of the day, it didn’t really matter much until some months into the process of recovery.

What I Was Most Thankful For

I was most thankful for their size and reputation as a firm. They ranked top 10 in Canada. They have many partners, and I had the great fortune to have a dedicated team of law clerk, and a Senior partner in the firm. In fact, he’d been there for so long, that he retired before the end of my case, which meant I was passed on to another very dedicated and capable senior partner in the firm. Words can’t explain how grateful I was to have that expertise on my case.

I was also most grateful for the opportunity to invest my money in a tax-free structured annuity. This cost me nothing, and provided me some financial security over my lifetime. Although it was entirely my choice and wasn’t swayed in any extensive way, I was/am grateful to have had that opportunity.

Why Expertise Was So Important To Me.

I had very complex orthopaedic injuries, that if you took each injury separately they weren’t very complex, but combined as a whole it left my body in a very fragile state. This fragile state required a very large number of experts to work with. All of that requires time and patience, and the right type of Legal care. It also required a lot of money – over the duration of rehab as well as over my lifetime. My lawyer pointed me in the right direction, and when the insurer wasn’t behaving ethically, they were able to step-in and ensure I got the right type of medical assessments that validated my injuries.

This validation was crucial! And the fact that they were such an established firm, I knew I was sent to the right experts on insurance rebuttals. KEY!!

Having the right type of legal expertise also fit well with my personality. They allowed me to see medical providers I felt most comfortable seeing – the best. I wasn’t comfortable going to any old chiropractor with the injuries I had. This law firm validated that!

I had the best personal trainer, who had a chiropractic, massage & acupuncture background, as well as a personal body building background. He knew the latest research, and he knew the science behind the right type of diet I should have been on (Dr Jay Rappazzo). I worked with a well-establish Chiropractic clinic, Athlete’s Care – that allowed me to tap-in to the lost/injured athlete in me.

What I Wanted More Of

I can’t say that there was anything lacking on behalf on The Law Firm I worked with. I always felt comfortable picking up the phone and asking questions when required. I would have wanted a shorter case, but I knew I was in good hands. I also would have wanted a better level of coordination at the time of settlement.

What Took Me By Surprise

Their level of service! I had no way of knowing what I’d be up against after this horrifying experience called a car crash. The law clerk was there for me on a consistent basis – sometimes daily! I also surprised myself in the process, at how much patience they had with managing the finer details of an accident.

The level of expertise required for managing a catastrophic injury is extensive – that I felt only a large firm could really manage. As I said, my case was complex, not only due to my injuries, but the legal definition of ‘catastrophic’ requires one to meet a certain ‘threshold’ at the time of the crash. Unfortunately, I didn’t meet that ‘threshold’ and therefore needed to wait until the 2-year mark to be evaluated. I was indeed surprised that I got the “cat” designation, and that to me is a testament to the type of law firm I was dealing with.

I was also surprised by their caring. Funny thing to be surprised about, but it’s true. They suggested I invest my funds wisely, with a Tax-free Annuity. They sent an Annuity Investor to my place, and he helped me define what I’d like to see happen with my investment. Although I could have used a financial advisor at that time, this was the closest thing to securing my funds.

What Happened After I Settled

I went on my merry way, and started working with different health practitioners with a fresh perspective. And today, I have a busy practice for clients who were in my shoes. I’m also now practicing in a way that reflects the many aspects of my life – not just personal injury. I learned to re-write my own story, and now help people to re-write theirs.

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