Create A Wellness Vision For Healthy Employees

We provide the solutions to maximize your competitive edge by creating healthier and more mindful employees, reducing illness & preventing burnout entirely. Let me help you take actionable steps towards improving employee health habits by viewing our program demo.


Strategic Health Assessments

With our unique Strategic Intervention Methodology, we have stage-matched health interventions to motivate behaviour change. Assessing where you’re staff is at is the first step towards healthy habits.

Workplace Health Redesign

Redesign your corporate health and wellness model, based on evidence-based interventions. We practice through the lens of disease prevention, re-igniting passion and power in your current workplace initiatives. 

Sustainable Health Strategy

Get your employees engaged with The Pro-Mind Experience, a 6-Module Digital Personal Development program. This experiential program takes a 360 degree view of their lives, empowering them to create their best life. 

I'm Lynn Chenier

Mindfulness Coach + Health Consultant
certified meditation instructor | speaker

Ready to help your staff shift and grow? or call me right away @ 250-884-7224

BUILDING healthy habits IN ANY job or industry TAKES MORE THAN A little dedication. it takes a supportive environment.

Mental health is becoming an increasingly important issue that affects the workplace.  Health and Mindset Coaching, combined with teaching your staff to meditate properly, are two of the most powerful habits to boost mental focus, and creativity while reducing anxiety, depression and a sick leave. What type of workforce do you want to employ?  Contact Lynn now to see how we can partner with you @ 250-884-7224! We are in the Pacific Time Zone.

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Meditation (or prayer) is what brings your mind into balance with your body - by eliminating interfering thoughts and stressors - to achieve higher states of focus and concentration.

Satori supports the client’s health and wellness goals to improve the health and productivity of the workplace, by identifying opportunities that are accessible to the client and their environment.

Our Health & Wellness Consulting programs are designed to improve your workplace’s overall health – not only through through our innovative evidence-based behaviour change assessment tool but mindfulness coaching & meditation too! Lynn has 20+ years experience in meditation, using this as her #1 strategy during busy shift work on the unit as an RN. You too can benefit.

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Here are some statistics based on a U.S. Department of Health & Human Services report in (2002):

 Worksites with physical activity programs, employers have:


When you use Satori’s expansive network of resources,
we can help you:

As a Health Consultant I Can Offer You:

We do on-site training, at your business, for employee groups (minimum 25 employees) or one-on-one virtual coaching for your busy professionals. 

We can work Virtually if in a different city or country from you. 

As a nurse, strategic health coach and a Certified Meditation Instructor, with work background in Health Promotion, and Healthy Lifestyles, our Health Consulting services are precisely what your workplace needs. If you truly want to help your team  thrive, be healthier and more productive through healthy daily habits, Satori should be your first call.  

If you truly want to prevent a devastating leave of absence, that will cost your organization a lot of hardship –  then consider working with us to build a better workplace environment!

Building healthy habits to be more productive, and happy in life, requires sufficient awareness, knowledge and skill. Satori’s got you covered. 

Contact us right now!

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This 5-part audio series & PDF helps those in need of mastering their emotional system for good. The content is delivered over 5 days by email. The teachings will help you apply mindfulness strategies to experience more happiness in your life