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We’ve redefined coaching. And not only to get you results, but to get you the support you need to reconnect with yourself. 


I know you’re ready to take back your personal power and clear the path for more. Your life was torn apart from an accident or injury, but now you’re ready to move-on from that state of mind. 

Your current choices are to a) continue putting-off shifting your reality, or b) keep doing what you’re doing: manage and survive the day. Yes? No? And there’s the 3rd option c) join this 8-week program, Your Life Canvas™ and re-write history. 

This is a short coaching program tailored for clients who’ve had a major trauma, and need to learn the tools and strategies to live a full life again. This is for those who need to hit the re-set button and put YOU as a priority. Option C is the only option…to invest in yourself to get your life on track!




Maybe Right Now…You’re still in a battle with the insurer to get your treatments paid. You feel drained and tired. 

You’re feeling like you can’t quite prioritize you own needs.

Or Maybe… You finally settled your claim (or never even had a claim!), and you never want another “rehab” appointment again. 

But you feel isolated and can’t prioritise a plan. You still struggle with your place in the world and would like a guide to shift your mindset.

You want a more holistic approach to getting you what you want – a better life! You might even be wishing for a miracle…

|   “Stories lead us on a journey of who we are, and our connections to people,        on a constant basis throughout the day… and our lives”.    

                                                                                                                       Lynn Chenier


  1.  Help when you need it: I’m committed to bringing you the highest level of coaching possible, by offering you my time outside our coaching sessions. Need support at your next cardiology visit or struggling with a certain hang-up in between sessions? I’m only an email or phone call away!
  2. Understanding on how to live your purpose in life : Learn to define and live out your Life’s Purpose & manage your reactions to people, colleagues, and life events.
  3. Improvement in your health : Health Coaching has shown significant improvements in goal setting (73%), motivational interviewing (27%), and collaboration with health care providers (20%). (Source: AJHP, Vol 25, Issue 1, 2010). Essentially, you come to life again!
  4. Trust in yourself and the process : Life is full of uncertainty. Why not learn to trust in every experience that comes your way? Forgive your failures, and learn to trust them as learning opportunities.
  5. Personal Accountability and empowerment : Life coaching improves self-efficacy and self-empowerment. Coaches are experts at getting you motivated!
  6. Deeper Intuition : With my included reiki energy clearings, we cut through the noise & blocks. Get ready to experience a spiritual awakening.


If this is you, I’m the Coach to help you overcome your life hurdles, and change your story.


step-out of your story, and recreate a new one STEP-BY-STEP.

establish personal direction, joy and confidence & (re)discover parts of yourself that you judge or try to run away from...because you deserve it!

In YOUR LIFE CANVAS, I’ll Share My Best Practices That Enabled Me To…

my own catastrophic highway accident made me seize control of my journey - my story - and my canvas. I  changed my crudely scrawled life into a  beautiful work of art.
Let me help you do the same! BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT!

Your Life Canvas includes 8 (60 minute)  one-on-one sessions and is an investment of  $1997. We’ll meet once a week on Zoom video and you’ll get a recording of your sessions.


Want To Know More? 

See Program Features Below

You'll learn how to reconnect with your authentic self, and discover your unstoppable strength.
Let me be your guide and lead you where you want to go.

Today, your story matters in a different way, and I want to inspire you & motivate you to move beyond this situation. You see, we began life with a blank canvas. Through our lives, there have been many drawings. At first, others may be drawing your journey. As we mature, we may even connect with them, unwavering. But these drawings – and stories – do not need to define who YOU are. 

We feel weighed down by others’ depictions of ourselves. At some point, we break free. Satori’s unique program “Your Life Canvas” capitalizes on “the story” we tell ourselves as an opportunity to grow, and deepen our connection with ourselves – our soul!

They also create deeply embedded emotional patterns. These stories, create a canvas loaded with meaning that establishes our sense of belief, and purpose.

Why settle for a black and white life? Let me mentor you to create what’s important to you – and explore the narrative behind your own “life canvas”…

Your Life Canvas is all about learning how the mind works, and just how much control we have over our minds, given the right tools and strategies.

Allow this narrative focus to separate you from your pain and your injuries – and from the problem! Allow yourself to dig deeper into your own assets, and spirit. You’d have your life back! Your personal control would be restored! You wouldn’t be longing for more simplify, joy and a better life because you would create it. 

This program is all about creating a transformation – not waiting for one to happen. You create your reality to live with deeper meaning.

If you’re looking to create more peace, and have a chat with your heart and spirit, and you’re feeling like this might be a “YES, I WANT TO EXPLORE”, click on the button to purchase YOUR LIFE CANVAS 8-session coaching program.

Once we receive your payment we’ll be in touch to schedule your sessions within 24 hours, so look for an email from 

(Remember to check your spam folder)

Together, we’ll curate your significant & soulful life!

Lynn xo



Here’s a list of the top 5 reasons why Satori is right for you.


It is my belief that given the right tools and strategies, anyone can shift their mindset, and the course of their life, to live a healthy and soulful life. 


You get a coach that’s passionate about all things personal development, and I happen to be coaching Busy professionals because I can relate. As a Busy professional and entrepreneur, I live through the same things you’re going through.


The techniques and strategies I teach, I’ve applied for myself to transform my entire life from deep physical and emotional trauma, pain and suffering to one that’s peaceful, healthy and joyful. If I can shift from that place, you can too!


No BS! What you see if what you get. I won’t hold back when it comes to your success.  


And….I’ve got to be one of the most UNIQUE coaches in Canada!  Who on Earth chooses to have a baby by doner? MOI!

Speaking from the heart…don’t wait until a catastrophic injury occurs and you need cardiac valve replacement. Or worst, you waste your money hiring a bunch of different professionals to help put all the pieces together. Stop that nonsense! I, Lynn A Chenier, am here to serve YOU!


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I’m Lynn Chenier. I operate a Premium Health & Wellness practice with roots in Mindfulness, Meditation, and Strategic Intervention. I love baking, taking adventures, hiking + the beach, along with raising my witty 6 year old Soleil. Let’s Chat!

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